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[Client] Objects shadows



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Not really.


Object shadows are static, created by World Editor automatically. If you really wish to change an object's shadow, you would need to edit shadowmap.dds inside the map folder. Character shadows are created in runtime by the client which means there are no files to be edited. 

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10 hours ago, ToXiC4000 said:

open the world editor

place the objects

use the button F6 on your keyboard

save the Map

This is not my problem.

I want to make shadows in real-time, like the NPC, Character or mobs shadows, from binary.

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16 minutes ago, ToXiC4000 said:

dont you have those allready...?

No, and I never seen somebody to have. Do you have any ideea ?

I repeat, I want to have real-time trees, buildings, models shadows, not static from World Editor.

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ive only rendered real time hd / 4k shadows on entities but not on objects with animation. it should be possible tho if you look into the render modes from monsters and convert "static objects" into it but thats directly in the granny engine itself i think.

i could look around but i guess thats directly in the granny engine written somewhere

Maybe there are some points in the source, but i dont think


static objects dont move so you only need to render those once "wich you can do with cheats in HD in the world editor" animated objects like trees are like nearly impossible with that old grafics engine and the hard limitations of 32bit

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