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The system allows you to combine the same items in one click. Might create some lag if you are trying to combine lots of item. Made by me. I hope to see a similar system in big servers. Stay safe.

(Would be cool if someone can implement the system and share the results here. Might have forgot few things 😬)

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1 hour ago, ProjectOW2 said:

the fucntion is no work for me. without any syserr.

Try again with updated files, you probably needed this


open input_main.cpp:

#1.) Find:
        if (!ch->IsObserverMode())
            FastStack(ch, c_pData);
#2.) Add after:
void CInputMain::FastStack(LPCHARACTER ch, const char* c_pData)
    TPacketCGFastStack* p = (TPacketCGFastStack*)c_pData;

    if (ch)


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