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Texture bug (?)





i have the following problem:




If i move a little closer:




Another place:





Any idea? (Fog turned off, with fog its all good because the fog "covers" it.)


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If you are talking about the textures and the models being "glitched out", it's called a LOD. It's displayed when you are not directly looking at it or when it's in the distance. Fog partially covers it. You can remove lods if you want to, some people want to remove them, some others don't, it's usually made for performance and there is two schools when it comes to LODs in metin2.


If you are talking about the terrain "deformation", once again, it's because the game was not meant to be played without the fog. It can, don't get me wrong, but either it will be ugly or unplayable because of the performance drops.


Long story short, generally avoid removing the fog, or try not to remove it in this kind of map. It will make the game look a bit "uglier" and glitchy

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