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Translate your Quests using Microsoft Azure Resource


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I have written a small Powershell script to show you how to translate your quests using Azure Cognitive Services.


I decided to use the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, they have a free offer for 2.000.000 translated characters per month, which is enough to mess around for me.


First thing you have to do is to create a free Microsoft Azure Account.




Then add a subscription to the Cognitive Services by searching for 'Translator' in the topmost search bar.




Create a new Translator. Take care with the setting 'Region'. Set this value to 'global', otherwise you can't authenticate with your secret key against the API if you use Powershell as I do.

For the pricing tier select 'F0', this tier grants you 2.000.000 free characters for translation.


Ignore the 'Tags' options page and create your resource.


After you have created your Cognitive Service resource, you will be guided to your management board of the Translator.


There you can find your API keys which you will need to authenticate against the API.





Now you are ready-to-go to use the resource.


This is the hidden content, please
I will provide a sample script which shows how to use the API.


Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts.

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