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[Poll] New restrictions for service section

[Poll] New restrictions for service section  

57 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you agree with this?

    • Yes
    • No, I like resellers and scammers

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After a long discussion with the whole staff, we decided to make some changes in the Service&Sales section.

That's because in the last years we met a lot of resellers/scammers here in the forum.

What we can do at the moment as a fast solution, is to make some changes in our rules.


In that way, we will keep the quality instead of quantity, right now we've over 130 topics in this section and over 50% are not active.

Most of the users who opened a service until now were like this:

  • account created in 2014, 10 posts
  • account created in 2014, 300 posts, no activity in the last years
  • account created in 2018, 10 posts
  • account created in 2020, 50 posts


So, we're trying to avoid those things and make some changes for help you with a better quality.

They should fulfill the next conditions for being able to offer their service in metin2dev:

  • at least 200 posts + registered for more than 2 years + being active over the last 6 months (releases and others)

[Exception] Those conditions will not be applied in the next cases (but you still will need to help somehow the community itself too, not just selling your services):

  1. You're very good known for your reputation and you had a clean background in the last years and the staff is trusting you.
  2. You're recommended by an user who fulfill the [1] condition.


I want to mention also:

  • current topics will be reviewed again and those which doesn't satisfy the conditions will be deleted.
  • subject approval will have multiple conditions that you'll know after you'll create the topic.


If you're planning to do any form of reselling/scamming in metin2dev, stay away, we've our eyes on you.


Don't forget also you can contact VegaS™ or Raylee via those links (PM) to report a reseller/scammer with specific proofs.

Don't forget to vote and do it right!

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The poll has closed now, 56 members have voted.

  • Yes, 43 votes (75.44%) ✅
  • No, 14 votes (24.56%)


I will start from now to review all of the topics from that section and remove the ones which doesn't fulfill the conditions.



The following sections were reviewed:


If you've something to tell about those actions, send me a PM.

But first, read the content of this topic, don't send a message "why my topic is deleted, I'm not a scammer/reseller", thanks.


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