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channel crash (IsAttr)



core game

#0  0x0849645d in CAttribute::Get ()
#1  0x081fd64d in SECTREE::IsAttr (this=0x417c1140, x=17260863, y=17273216,
    dwFlag=129) at sectree.cpp:210
#2  0x081ffaf2 in SECTREE_MANAGER::IsMovablePosition (this=0xffff98e8,
    lMapIndex=56, x=17260863, y=17273216) at sectree_manager.cpp:825
#3  0x080d7e65 in CHARACTER::__StateIdle_Monster (this=0x6d253000)
    at char_state.cpp:714
#4  0x08076328 in CHARACTER::UpdateStateMachine (this=0x6d253000,
    dwPulse=486299) at char.cpp:4138
#5  0x080bdd04 in std::for_each<__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<CHARACTER**, std::v               ector<CHARACTER*, std::allocator<CHARACTER*> > >, std::binder2nd<std::mem_fun1_t               <void, CHARACTER, unsigned int> > > (__first={_M_current = 0x47fbb800}, __last=
      {_M_current = 0x47fbc840}, __f=
      {<std::unary_function<CHARACTER*,void>> = {<No data fields>}, op = {<std::               binary_function<CHARACTER*,unsigned int,void>> = {<No data fields>}, _M_f = {__p               fn = 0x80762d0 <CHARACTER::UpdateStateMachine(unsigned int)>, __delta = 0}}, val               ue = 486299}) at stl_function.h:656
#6  0x080bd761 in CHARACTER_MANAGER::Update (this=0xffffb5fc, iPulse=486299)
    at char_manager.cpp:695
#7  0x0826cf98 in idle () at main.cpp:931
#8  0x0826e636 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffffcbfc) at main.cpp:603


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