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Decrease Player's Level Quest



Hello everyone. 

I'd like to know how to decrease player's level with a quest. 

I have tried something like "pc.give_exp2(-9999999999)" but it didn't work 

Can someone help me please? 


(I had another idea to use "command" function but it works only for GM. If it had worked with players too but only via quest that would've be awesome for my problem)

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I crate this for you

	quest anything begin
    state start begin
        when 20092.chat."hello" begin -- if you need it login "when login with pc.is_gm ( ) begin"
            say(" hello every body ")
            say(" you want to level up:) ")
                local  snow = select("yes", "no")
                    if snow == 1 then
                        local a = pc.get_level()
                        local b = a - 1
                        say(" hello its mee ")
                    elseif snow == 2 then
                        say(" we are soooorry ")

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