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  1. Big like for my guy! Looks amazin'!
  2. I am a good person and can cook god meals for you
  3. God coding skills, i like the project! Keep it up !
  4. Search in cmd_gm.cpp if (!pkChr->IsNPC() && !pkChr->IsPet() && pkChr->GetRider() == NULL) and replace it with this: if (pkChr->IsNPC() && !pkChr->IsPet() && pkChr->GetRider() == NULL)
  5. How interesting. Please continue.
  6. [Hidden Content] There you go. Password: Metin35
  7. Uhm, he is banned actually. So mentioning him is kinda useless.
  8. He doesn't have that green circle around the acce, when you select it for absortion or combine.
  9. [Hidden Content] Hope it helps . Change those values marked from my image to 1920 and 1080.
  10. Owner_Cheque_Icon You are missing this from inventorywindow.py from locale or uiscript.

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