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Hi all,

after making lots of tests i found how to put the stats almost perfect.


Decompress root and inside open introselect.py


then search for: statesSummary = float(valueHTH + valueINT + valueSTR + valueDEX)


then change with the next lines


statesSummary = float(valueHTH + valueINT + valueSTR + valueDEX)
if statesSummary > 0.0:
	self.destGauge =[
                            ((float(valueHTH) * 10) / 90) / 10,
                            ((float(valueINT) * 10) / 90) / 10,
                            ((float(valueSTR) * 10) / 90) / 10,
                            ((float(valueDEX) * 10) / 90) / 10 



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This has been released a long time ago on epvp.


Here is the link: http://goo.gl/tV7zNL



This fix was made by me, don't know if someone else did the same things.

Going to explain how it works.

For example a toon that has 3 points of Str it shows 4 pixels in status bar, if you increment the numbersof status, the number of pixels is the same difference till the status bar is full at level 75/76 + -.


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