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  1. @ TMP4there's a single bug I found. When you leave the looser reward and you kill one player it automatically teleports the killer in map1. It doesn't give the warning first.
  2. Still have this issue, how to fix?
  3. When I receive a normal mail (not from a GM) the time is still 7 Days. Even though in tables.h is set to be 30 days. [Hidden Content] Edit: Sometimes it shows 7 or 30 days, randomly. I had messages from GM that were 30 days and messages from players that were 7 days. And the other way around. So something is wrong with these: MAILBOX_REMAIN_DAY = 30, MAILBOX_REMAIN_DAY_GM = 7,
  4. @ Mali do you know the cause of this error (while compiling DB Source)? Can you help me please? 'unordered_set' in namespace 'std' does not name a template type static std::unordered_set<std::string> NameSet; and 'NameSet' was not declared in this scope bool bFound = NameSet.find(p->szName) != NameSet.end(); SOLVED, FIX: #include <unordered_set>
  5. you can use if pc.get_level() < 125 then
  6. if app.IsPressed(app.DIK_YourKeyHere) or app.IsPressed(app.DIK_YourKeyHere): and for text on items: self.AppendTextLine("Your text here", self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR_GOLD) but you have to do a couple checks to hide the text/preview for antiflags (job & gender) Example: 1 - hide preview & text when item is not for your gender: [Hidden Content] 2 - hide preview & text if the item is not for your character: [Hidden Content] Good luck.
  7. I told you to do the tutorial I gave you above. You said you have it, but you don't have it full. What I gave you is full. I just installed it and for me it's showing.
  8. @ Karbust install this to show effects/shinning on Render Target: [Hidden Content]
  9. Up, this looks interesting. Maybe someone who has the knowledge can help us This needs a function that resizes the GUI (inventory window/character window/chat/minimap/etc) and one that fixes the font display when resizing.
  10. It's even nicer this way because it updates in real time, thank you for the fix!
  11. @ Owsap I did that, but now the Tab key won't work. And I think there's a problem with the Tab Key in general, If I assign a default function(from uikeychange) the Tab Key it won't work.
  12. Thanks @PetePeter it works. But the Tab key still works along with the new assigned key.. so you have 2 x keys for Tab Target.

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