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  1. Thank you so much! It works perfectly now Kind regards!
  2. Thank you so much for posting this! @ Jawwad I have a little problem, though. Everything works fine except the fact that I can't see the texture. I added everything as usual but the thing is that, for some reason, I can't open the *.GR2 file and, because of that, I wasn't able to check the texture path using Granny Viewer...but I assumed that it would be */pc2/assassin and put it there. However, it doesn't work for me. Here are a few screenshots: If the texture path is different, could you please tell me where to put it...if that's not the issue then what could be causing this problem? Thank you in advance! Best regards!
  3. Sorry, I should have been more precise as to what I was trying to do. What I meant was running the server completely offline (as in when you don't have the access to the Internet).
  4. Hiya What settings (and where) should I change (server-side) to make the server work fully offline/localhost ( Thanks in advance Kind regards!
  5. Oh...yeah, that was the problem. It works like a charm now! Thank you so so much!!
  6. Hi! Thank you so much for yet another great contribution @ TMP4 I have a problem though. I followed all the steps to the dot and I'm getting this error after teleporting to the map using the command "/warp 32704 12712" (I also tried "/warp 33194 13222" = the same coordinates as in the quest): "0930 23:23:13885 :: CMapBase::LoadProperty(FileName=metin2_map\MapProperty.txt) - LoadMultipleTextData ERROR 파일이 없을 가능성이 많습니다. 0930 23:23:13886 :: CMapManager::LoadMap() Invalid Map Type 0930 23:23:13886 :: CPythonBackground::SelectViewDistanceNum(int eNum=0) mc_pcurEnvironmentData is NULL" The map type is set to "Outdoor" so I don't get why it says it's invalid. The part in Korean says "Most likely the file doesn't exist." which is not true... Any ideas as to what could have possibly gone wrong? Thanks in advance
  7. Great job! Thank you so much for your contribution. I really appreciate it

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