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  1. Atleast give credits to the original post
  2. I do (you can actually get it by downloading python 2.7 from official python website, then going to ~\python27\lib\string.pyc) [Hidden Content] lemme know if i should add virustotal, i dont think its neccessary cause its just one file.
  3. Never mind, didnt read the post correctly -.- If you want a little hint, vegas did a similar system if you wanna know how he did it [Hidden Content]
  4. For quickslots, if you pressed SHIFT + 1 (default quickslot keybind) it would go to the second slot, not the first. a simple fix for this: PythonPlayerInputKeyboard.cpp case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_1: SetQuickPage(1); break; case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_2: SetQuickPage(2); break; case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_3: SetQuickPage(3); break; case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_4: SetQuickPage(4); break; Change to: case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_1: SetQuickPage(0); break; case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_2: SetQuickPage(1); break; case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_3: SetQuickPage(2); break; case KEY_SLOT_CHANGE_4: SetQuickPage(3); break;
  5. Right the newer config seems to be working fine right now, I'll keep updating if it breaks somehow again Thought I read all the updates, clearly not, my bad Possible to get an english translation of the config.ini file? If not, i'll just translate it manually
  6. 1) Testing the files and the exchange window did not work, a simply fix for polish locale files (dont know if it happens on any other locales.) EXCHANGE_TITLE Handluj z %s (%d) Change to EXCHANGE_TITLE Handluj z %s 2) I dont know if my client is broken, but using the config.exe im able to change from 1920x1080 to 800x600 but changing from 800x600 to 1920x1080 does not work. (changing from the metin2.cfg file works.) Its weird, because when i change the resolution to 1680x1050(for example) and then change it back to 1920x1080 the window looks like its back at 800x600.
  7. You're correct but i believe his problem is that it doesn't check all the characters within the account, so if one character (name him char1) has a guild, and the other character (name him char2) doesn't, It wouldn't allow char1 to not change kingdom, but char2 would be able to change kingdom while char1 maintains his guild if that makes sense?
  8. Never mind, it was my issue, forgot to remove some code that i had left over ;/
  9. there was a thread about this, maybe this helped him to solve it?
  10. Version of Files : XXX Good morning / afternoon I wanted to ask what source files / client do you use, and why would you recommend them? Of course this includes paid, as well as free versions. If its in the wrong category, my bad. Thanks, Sincerly,
  11. As @xP3NG3Rxmentioned above, you either code it yourself, or get a professional that will do it for you.
  12. Thats not the functionality of a shop. You describing a sort of a 'stand' that showcases items - you let people view them without the ability to buy it.

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