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    Hi! Just have a good day, don't worry about something else. Remember that are people out there who can't even afford a device to read this message.


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  1. Hi guys! My REAL name is Emil, or backwards, lime. (Smart, huh?) I do love eating limes/lemons. Citrics fruits, in general. I'm born in '98 and I've been playing metin since 2010-2011, using the IGN hope, with a huge pause between 2015 and 2019. Cya!
  2. Get in touch with the owner of the files. As I can see, you're trying to use a protection made by mestecanis, he should know what is wrong. You didn't give us any info on what you're trying to do. Hocus pocus, Let me guess your problemus.
  3. You have to use FoxFS. Search it up, it is not that hard to install it, but will take some time. You can have any extension, like locale.iamtheboss, locale.metinislove.
  4. i couldn't take my eyes from the mapping behind
  5. Hi, Andrei! First of all, I am romanian too. Now, let's get into your subject. I was like you too, until I've started to realize that the only person you can count on is yourself. I was willing to invest all my money into a thing that would pay off in the future. Things are not like that. I've tried to pick up some people, to gather some information about the metin programming languages, I even work(atm) on my project too, but as I said, being a beginner doesn't really helps. Trust is hard to find and easy to broke. Today, with all the resources and using the internet, you can create something with absolutely no money and get rewarded in 5-6 months, because you can't build a project in 2-3 days. Talking about "rewards"... to get more, you have to invest more. Don't think about money, just act like you gain nothing from your project. Use them in paying really strong devs (you can find the best ones here, on M2Dev, they usually ask for more, just because they know what they are selling) to optimize/fix/modify your project, use them in promoting your server, use them in upgrading to a stronger host provider, etc.
  6. No. I don't. Go to Settings -> Prefferences -> Language. Then uncheck `Replace by space` in the down-right corner. Wrong: Right: __________ I also use this theme : You can activate it by going into Settings -> Style Configurator and from select theme pick DansLeRuSH-Dark.
  7. Check out this: Especially this, POINTS 5 and 6. You have a short explanation there.
  8. I've peeked on a discussion on M2Dev Discord some days ago. You have to `unlock` ports or something like this, or if i misunderstood someone correct me. You can check more here: [Hidden Content] I have saved the messages too. If I am not wrong, @ Karbusttold me that.
  9. It is Notepad++. Good thing then!
  10. check TABs. especially that line. this is how they should look.
  11. people who try to change the game a little bit should be appreciated. good job mate, i wonder if you can do this keeping the classic inventory background.
  12. I think that you need to do the inventorywindow.py (and the rest) part from the link @Fluff99sposted above. Check if the code matches with yours, but first off all backup your files then do that part.
  13. What version of FreeBSD do you use? Are you sure that it is .so.11 and not .so.111 ? If it is libssl.so.111 I'll provide you a link to download it.

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