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How can I install World Editor v38?

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Hello, the file structure of World Editor v38 is a little different compared to previous versions.

I can't wait to try it out but just couldn't install it :( . How can I install it?

Thank you :)

Im machine.

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Hey ūüôā

Some time ago I wrote a tutorial about the World Editor installation. 

Have you already looked at it?



Best regards

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I'm sure you messed up something in your folder structure.

Even your property folder should not display in your object list.

For example your property folder should look like this:

D:\ymir work\property


The subfolders will then look like this:

D:\ymir work\property\a


I believe that your folder structure looks like this:

‚ö†ÔłŹD:\ymir work\property\property\a\....‚ö†ÔłŹ

(This is a wrong structure)


Of course, this applies to all other folders as well!


E.g the folder 'zone':

D:\ymir work\zone



The subfolders will then look like this, for example:

D:\ymir work\zone\a


I hope that was somehow understandable.



Best regards

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