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Bug with Effects (MDE Weapons/sash/etc)



Hello! I've been dealing with a problem that triggers me a lot. I've tried to find a solution and i found nothing..



When i get into the game, SOMETIMES, notice, SOMETIMES, not always, some effects are not appearing, example of some of those effects: MDE Weapons, MDE Sashes, GM Effect above the head.


Better images than words right?

This is my GM Character, as you can see, MDE wings are working fine THIS TIME, but my GM symbol is not working properly in the first picture. Then i warped to city twice to try to fix the problem and it fixed it.

spacer.png         spacer.png


As you can see, when i logged in, the GM Effect was not working and after 2 warps it appeared. This doesnt appen like this everytime, sometimes i'm good for a full day and the next day the bug comes back again.

This is kinda Messing with me because when i loggin with one MDE weapon and the bug occurs i'm with an invisble sword..


OBS1: One thing i noticed with the wings atleast is that when they are invisible (bug is appening) after a few minutes they appear out of nowhere

OBS2: My GM Symbol is made with 2 pieces i believe, so it would make it 2 "models", dragon and letters, so, sometimes this appens:



As yo ucan see, half of the effect loaded properly, this is really messing with my head.


Anyone knows how to fix this?


Thanks in advance!

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