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Tityos2 Global Official 1-105 Server start 19 June / 19.06.2020

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Tityos2 is opening with 1-105 Turkish Germany collaboration on 19 June Friday Night!

Website & Introduction In Detail : www.tityos2.de
› 1.Level is Beginning, 105.Level is Finishing
› Do the Task and Win System
› Global Players!
› 24 Hour Live Support for 3 Global Language
› Tıtyos2 collect Coin and earn EURO!
› Country Wars with prizes!
› Searcing for Drops in the play
› Non Trouble Evolution and Arch System
› Weapon-Armor- Bracelet- Helmet Transformation System
› Coming Back System in all dungeons.
› Trade and Market Administrator
› There is no Lycan & Belt & Level & Rebirth
› Offline Market and Searcing For Stuffs in Markets System!


Website & Introduction In Detail : www.tityos2.de


Wiki : www.tityos2.com/guide

Web Site : www.tityos2.com

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