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CRaceMotionData Problem



Hello Guys

After adding the new official emotions, it works greatly, but the client syserr shows me that there's a problem which is :


0512 02:49:25045 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 352
0512 02:49:25046 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 353
0512 02:49:25047 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 354
0512 02:49:25048 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 355
0512 02:49:25049 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 356

I Hope you guys help me and thanks in advance ❤️❤️

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First of all:


Secondly, just open up the function named by


and fix it, if you can't, you have no business in the private server development unless you start learning cpp to get some knowledge.


I'm just honest, and also rude sometimes if I see a person who is giving a shit on the general rules.
Like it or not, deal with it. Can't you again? You know where you came from, right?



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