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  1. Works all, thank you vanilla. Add getquestflag If(!pPc){return 0; }
  2. i didn't mofidy questpc.cpp I upload system: https://mega.nz/file/5hkDQCab#7g6xQVp2ph6KGk4kCyDbSGfNfXuCRgKJ8kQsvoJAFsc
  3. 40k Hello guys, i didn't find solv for my problem. i add system hide costume and i enter game char didn't load and few second later core crash. gdb:
  4. this, have a sh*t code. Official usage: wdmgr.Over GetTotalLineCount SetFontColor
  5. problem solved: Fix for this: item_lenght.h search this: ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_NUM = 7, change to this: ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_NUM = 15,
  6. maybe use newest gdb version? (i using 9.1)
  7. Hello guys. I looked at (trkmo) official pet system, and i thinking we are making some bug fix for m2dev. You have some bug fix relase at this topic. (haha) I start: first fix: cmd_gm.cpp in this function: ACMD(do_item_purge) search this: int i; LPITEM item; add after this: #ifdef NEW_PET_SYSTEM if (ch->GetNewPetSystem()->IsActivePet()) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("First time unsummon your pet.")); return; } #endif examples: You have summoned pet, and you making /ip, channel has crashed.
  8. I checked and every function added. (wtf) i don't understand why not working.:O
  9. have anyone problem with refresh cheque? every time i relog set 0 cheque (but have 50 cheque) i give cheque +1 writed normal value.



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