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  1. Marketplace Rules The rules of the Marketplace have been updated. These are mostly explanations, no significant change. Deletion of the 250 required messages.
  2. Hi, I'm launching this thread to follow up on my previous post about the past year following the Metin2 Dev takeover, here. This message does not mean that it will happen, I want to get your opinions, your ideas. I listen to your suggestions to make this forum visually beautiful and better! Do you like current themes? Do you have ideas for the themes? You can post links. We use the forum engine, Invision Powser Board in version 4.5. As a reminder, you can change the theme in your preferences, at the bottom of the forum, click on Th
  3. Hi, I use: python27 gmake makedepend devil gdb llvm-devel boost mysql-server80
  4. It remains free. When I say win-win, I'm not talking about myself. I want to prevent a member from using metin2dev to make money without sharing things for the community.
  5. Hi, Thank you Mali, that makes me happy! Is your Discord account still banned? Thank you also to you, do not hesitate if you have ideas! " Let ppl selling metin2 stuffs. many of them are interested in the sell/buy systems , and bcoz of new "rules" many of them leave the community. " I understand, however it has to be a win-win for Metin2 Dev. I cannot accept that sellers make money from our forum without being active in the community. I'm not asking for much, a minimum of activity on Metin2 Dev.
  6. There are no new sellers because in general they are on the forum only to sell and I'm not interested. It has to be win-win. I am happy to be able to read your opinions, do not hesitate, it's important. This topic can bring out ideas to put in place.
  7. Hi, I'm launching this thread to follow up on my previous post about the past year following the Metin2 Dev takeover, here. This message does not mean that it will happen, I want to get your opinions, your ideas on this idea which comes up regularly on the forum or on the discord. Why would a customer choose us to secure the transaction? Why would a seller choose us to secure the transaction? What does the customer and / or the seller gain? How do you see the operation with a trusted third party in the transaction? Your ideas, suggestions?
  8. Hi Metin2 Dev Community , It has been 1 year since we took over the administration of this board. I hope you did not experience it too badly and that we were able to meet your expectations. Before starting, I wanted to know what you think of the changes since the takeover? Be honest, I want to know everything! A new year has started and I would like to have your opinion, your ideas for improving the community, the community is you and the board must please you. Do you think the forum lacks something? Do you want to see new things? What do yo
  9. You are a good man and you have good ideas!
  10. Section : Questions & Answers Don't modify your thread (or reply to it) to mark it solved, and not explain the solution to the issue. Please use our tag system and vote good / bad answers so everyone can clearly see what matters! Do not ask for any help if you are using leaks, we will not help you, it's forbidden, you must contact the owner of the system, source, serverfile...
  11. @peakzinho Sanction: banned indefinitely order to stay away ( domestic authority ) Reasons: reselling scaming Discord: Kaylee



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