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  1. Yes, the static linking links the whole code. Sometimes static linking could conflict when the machines are not using the same OS but very rarely. Why did moderator removed my message with the libs list? lol btw good luck with ur work bye bye
  2. i guess you don't have these libs in your makefile
  3. you can disable google test... into main.cpp, and remove the -lgtest
  4. and a screenshot/pastebin of your changes in the code
  5. could you add a screenshot in game of the lines you want change color to?
  6. about the libmysqlclient you need to install mysql56-client package to make it find the library in /usr/lib the other libs are missing in ur extern, they are easy to find, just using google (search them for freebsd obv) you should find them and just putting them into your extern/lib folder you should solve all
  7. Visual studio has an option "attach to process" in "Debug" section of the menù near the top of the window. So you can attach the debugger to the process is running in ur client. If you don't get a correct "crash dump" because the debugger is saying "no symbols loaded" you must set "generate debug information" on your UserInterface Linker/Debug properties Martysama has a tutorial to make it on his web-site/github profile here
  8. try by adding -static here like this: CFLAGS = -w -g -Wall -O2 -m32 -std=c++11 -static -pipe -fexceptions -D_THREAD_SAFE -DNDEBUG -D__SVN_VERSION__=\"$(SVN_VERSION)\" i hope you are not running the game binary on a older version of freebsd (eg. compiling on 11.3 and running on 10.3) compiler OS version must be <= live-server OS version
  9. yeah i ve added it to the previous message, i didn't understood your question at the beginning of my first answer
  10. or if you need to change it only for "select" questions edit from root/uiquest.py: def MakeEachButton(self, i): if self.skin == 3: button = BarButton("TOP_MOST",0x50000000, 0x50404040, 0x50606060) button.SetParent(self.board) button.SetSize(106,26) button.SetPosition(self.sx + self.board.GetWidth()/2+((i*2)-1)*56-56, self.sy+(event.GetLineCount(self.descIndex))*16+20+5) button.SetText("a") button.SetTextColor(0xff000000) #<---- change me else: i = i % 8 button = BarButton("TOP_MOST") button.SetParent(self.board) button.SetSize(200,26) button.SetPosition(self.sx + self.board.GetWidth()/2-100,self.sy+(event.GetLineCount(self.descIndex)+i*2)*16+20+5) button.SetText("a") button.SetTextColor(0xffffffff) #<---- change me return button
  11. you could try by adding a color tag at the text: #search local confirm_list = {"Yes. ", "No."} #replace with local confirm_list = {"|caaaaaaaaYes.|r", "|caaaaaaaaNo.|r"} how to make hexcolor? aa - aa - aa - aa r - g - b - a red green blue alpha values 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f are the possible values for hex numbers you can use an hex converter to choice your 0-255 range value or basically a color picker online (commonly they have hex value of the color) HEX CONVERTER:
  12. could you show me this : File "uiPrivateShopBuilder.py", line 31, in GetShopNamesRange Pastebin or just a screenshot
  13. add -lssl -lcrypto at the LIBS in Makefile eg. #you should have something like LIBS += ../../../Extern/lib/libmysqlclient.a #and you need to add at the end like this: LIBS += ../../../Extern/lib/libmysqlclient.a -lssl -lcrypto
  14. You can use any hash u prefer, the unique requirement is to use the same hash function when add an account from website and when login in game with data. mysql and php have a long list of commonly supported hash functions. Good luck
  15. could you search "AnswerBuyItem" in the whole file? and post here a screen in every result found for that word or if u prefer you could use pastebin rather than a screen.
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