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  1. The #else part is the original one inserted between #else and #endif to make it work as it was before apply the fix in case of for some reason you need to disable the fix. Honestly i don't think it make any difference since it was disabled by the fact the macro __ENABLE_SHAMAN_ATTACK_FIX__ was defined. In short i don't think the fact you removed the #else is the reason why now it is working for you. You can check it by adding again the removed part and test if the fix is still working.
  2. check well the define arrives everywhere. try adding this at the beginning of "EterBase/Stdafx.h" #include "../UserInterface/Locale_inc.h"
  3. I m stopping the sales for 1 month (or few more) to give me time to complete the long queue of installations, and to work on some new product and complete the stuffs i m going (metin2 unrelated stuffs). The service is not closing, the support is still available for any kind of problem you can text me on my socials (skype, discord, telegram, or metin2 forums). See you next month!
  4. Yeah so if you want an help i think you should post the code... otherwise i can't check nothing xd
  5. Did u notice this piece of code? def BINARY_NEW_AddAffect(self, type, pointIdx, value, duration): print "BINARY_NEW_AddAffect", type, pointIdx, value, duration if type < 500: #<<-- return #<<-- Check if the type of the affect you are not seeing is over 500..
  6. It looks like it is getting "false" as an int somehow. I ve no idea why it is happening only to you. A dirty solution may be define a spaceship operator with bool and int at the beginning of AsyncSQL.h (before the includes). Since i can't reproduce the error i m not able to check if my propose is valid (and i neither tried to compile the code tbh). inline constexpr auto operator<=>(const bool x, const int y) { return x <=> bool(y); } to be honest i don't like it, i hate it, and i ve many doubts that it will work.
  7. Sorry for the squat, but what do you want others to know about what you have in that source?
  8. did u think to look at the expand button you already got? xd i guess it would be a good idea
  9. It depend where you need to add it... e.g. add button in inventory -> uiinventory.py add button in taskbar -> uitaskbar.py add button in minimap -> uiminimap.py etc etc
  10. Dangling pointer, it may be due to the special storage/inventory if you got it
  11. ScriptWindow (as the name suggests) are window created using scriptfiles (you can find a lot of them in uiscript and in locale/xx/ui). These script files are (in short) a dictionary of items with settings of certain keys used by PythonScriptLoader class to assign to the elements the properties linked with the keys. Let's show here an example: All the scripts have local variable named window (the dictionary that contains all the settings). The first dictionary's (window) keys describe the scriptwindow properties, the window name, the height/width,
  12. Doest it happen only with players? I think you should show here some code.. if it happen only with players you should show all the ActorInstance class files and the InstanceBase files.
  13. It is missing the initializing of these two values added in char.h. They got a random value if you don't set it when CHARACTER object is instancied i suggest to add something like : //SEARCH void CHARACTER::Initialize() { //ADD UNDER analyze_protect = 0; analize_protect_count = 0;
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