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  1. Doest it happen only with players? I think you should show here some code.. if it happen only with players you should show all the ActorInstance class files and the InstanceBase files.
  2. It is missing the initializing of these two values added in char.h. They got a random value if you don't set it when CHARACTER object is instancied i suggest to add something like : //SEARCH void CHARACTER::Initialize() { //ADD UNDER analyze_protect = 0; analize_protect_count = 0;
  3. I m available on discord for who want help IkarusDeveloper#3677
  4. Hi guys, There's a guy that is blackmailing all servers that are using my offlineshop. Not just my clients, but also those who downloaded it from some idiot's leak. I'm sharing the fix here as 60/70% of the servers currently open use my shop. Fix: Random User : Why are u sharing it using metin2dev? Answer: I m bored to see this guy make money by blackmailing. Random User part2: Is it right to share this fix even with those who are not your customer? Answer: I honestly think that anyone who uses
  5. The first numbers are used when your level is 15 (or more) levels higher than monster level (the number 1 means that the basic chance is reduced by a factor 1/100 ). The last numbers are used when your level is 15 (or more) levels lower than monster level (the number 1 means that the basic chance is increased by a factor 180/100) the numbers in the center (100) is the neutral value (doesn't affect the basic chance to drop the item)
  6. using : #pragma comment(lib, <library-name>.lib ) add it to userinterface.cpp (replace <library-name> with the name of your libjpeg obv)
  7. You could download cryptopp library code from the official website. You will find the .sln file (Solution) which is to be open with visual studio. Once You open it You can compile it. Take care to check the Code mode generation to be set on MT for Release and MTd for Debug. You can find it by clicking right click on cryptlib project > properties > C++ > Code generation > runtime library After compiled the library move it in your extern/lib and move all .h files (aka headers) on your extern/include/cryptopp (headers and libs are always to be used from the i
  8. VERY BIG DISCLAIMER: I m going to show you where the level delta is applied and how they made the constants, but they are used for all monsters, and not only for Stones. long answer: short answer: Conclusions: The influence of difference of level on dropping is exactly how you described. If my level is lower than the level of the monster/stone i get a drop bonus. if my level is equal to the level of the monster/stone i don't get a bonus and neither a malus. if my level is higher th
  9. Post here the .msa files used for the buggy skill. You can find them in playersettingmodule.py, around def __LoadGameWarriorEx .msa files can cause this, the reason is here: At least one Motion Event must be Type 4 for skills.
  10. You never bought from me, and you never worked with me. I prefer my customers to recommend me, not those who buy from my resellers. "Go to turkish" means go to the (turkish) reseller who sold you my shop
  11. I usually prefer to put the 3th part libraries on extern folder, but you can move it whenever you want. The important thing is to change the -I and -L directives with your directories. An example would be: #Mysql Dynamic LIBDIR += -L../../../extern/lib/mysql INCDIR += -I../../../extern/include/mysql LIBS += -lmysqlclient #Mysql Static INCDIR += -I../../../extern/include/mysql LIBS += ../../../extern/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a the first three lines are for a dynamic linking (it might prefer to link using libmysqlclient.so rather than libmysqlclient.a where both are
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AcHxuSxj9tV4bzNsraZlHHai9ob9Yb1y/view?usp=sharing
  13. i ll send you my include and lib folders for mysql80, they are for freebsd 11.3 only (32 bit obv) give me a moment to make the zip You can't use a lib and an include which are from differents version of mysql... you will get runtime errors (segmentation fault)
  14. You should put it in your extern/lib. I don't think you will find it in your machine x64, you need the 32bit one. What version of freebsd are u using? pkg.freebsd.org may help you to find it easly
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