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  1. Hello, how to generate new integrer in cipher.cpp and disable other client conection ? Integer p ( "0xB10B8F96A080E01DDE92DE5EAE5D54EC52C99FBCFB06A3C6" "9A6A9DCA52D23B616073E28675A23D189838EF1E2EE652C0" "13ECB4AEA906112324975C3CD49B83BFACCBDD7D90C4BD70" "98488E9C219A73724EFFD6FAE5644738FAA31A4FF55BCCC0" "A151AF5F0DC8B4BD45BF37DF365C1A65E68CFDA76D4DA708" "DF1FB2BC2E4A4371" ); Integer g ( "0xA4D1CBD5C3FD34126765A442EFB99905F8104DD258AC507F" "D6406CFF14266D31266FEA1E5C41564B777E690F5504F213" "160217B4B01B886A5E91547F9E2749F4D7FBD7D3B9A92EE1" "909D0D2263F80A76A
  2. https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/12179-visual-studio-2008-2015/
  3. Block the drop hacks: Which is correct ? 1 if (pkItemToDrop->AddToGround (GetMapIndex(), pxPos)) { ChatPacket (CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT ("¶łľîÁř ľĆŔĚĹŰŔş 3şĐ ČÄ »ç¶óÁý´Ď´Ů.")); pkItemToDrop->StartDestroyEvent(30); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().FlushDelayedSave (pkItemToDrop); char szHint[32 + 1]; snprintf (szHint, sizeof (szHint), "%s %u %u", pkItemToDrop->GetName(), pkItemToDrop->GetCount(), pkItemToDrop->GetOriginalVnum()); LogManager::instance().ItemLog (this, pkItemToDrop, "DROP", szHint); LastDropTime = thecore_pulse(); CountDrops++; } if (t
  4. Hello FlorinMarin plese upload web ....UltimateProtection by FrankieCommando
  5. You delete Metin2Client_VC90.sln and Metin2Client_VC90.sln.old rename to Metin2Client_VC90.sln and open this work visual studio 2008
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