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  1. Hello! I would like to ask for GF quests newer than 2014 version. Thank you!
  2. Take a look here https://www.astrocamel.com/web/2020/09/04/how-i-bypassed-cloudflares-sql-injection-filter.html
  3. What's new? [*] The operating systems below can be installed with a single click. (32-bit FreeBSD versions added) [*] The installation of any operating system is completed in less than 40 seconds. [*] You have no daily / monthly limit etc. for the number of possible reinstallations. [*] Since all operating systems have a standard password, you will be required to change your password with the first SSH authentication.
  4. Out of stock for VPS Game. Still available OVH Professional over VPS SSD / VPS HDD packages.
  5. We are happy to announce that, we offer Drive space FREE to those who buy any hosting package from our main website. Main website: https://www.hazi.ro Drive page: https://drive.hazi.ro/login Standalone packages (without any subscription on hazi.ro)
  6. Cheaper SSD & HDD VPS packages were added today. Check them at https://www.hazi.ro
  7. Only 4x VPS GAME-4 left on our OVH Game: https://hazi.ro/cart.php?gid=9
  8. 1-click Operating System installation for multiple environments. (FreeBSD 32 bits available at request if u wanna compile source code on our VDS)
  9. Trial available for VPS Game, VPS HDD and Webhosting (Limited quantities - automatically closed after 3 days) -> https://hazi.ro/trial
  10. VPS Game added Take a look here -> https://hazi.ro/vps-game
  11. Thank you for feedback. Because: OVH requires ID Card + Address proof (documents required and 1-3 business days until they confirm your identity) OVH doesn't sell CPanel based webhosting; OVH doesn't sell VPS Servers with AntiDDoS PRO; OVH doesn't sell VPS Servers with FreeBSD (not even Public Cloud) OVH doesn't sell VPS Servers with 1GBps network connection at reasonable price; In case of troubles with your services they will answer on your tickets in few days with useless tips and also they will not give same support like us (we can help customers a
  12. Hi! Together with other 2 mates from Faculty of Informatics, Iasi (Romania) we invested to build our skills and also getting experience in a real-world project. So, we sell at this moment: Domain names; Webhosting (SSD + HDD) VPS KVM (SSD + HDD) Dedicated Servers. Soon will be available: Online shops development (config + maintenance) SSL Certificates Radio hosting. Website: www.HAZI.ro At first, website will be available only in romanian but all of us can talk with customers in english because we also study in En
  13. Main website: https://forgottenworld2.ro Board: https://board.forgottenworld2.ro/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6RfZ9zc
  14. Hi guys and Happy new year! I encounter a stupid BUG related to character window + teleport. It was introduced once with app.ENABLE_DETAILS_UI (Gameforge Bonus Page). To reproduce this BUG need only to keep character window open during warp. What happen? The window will not be distroyed but also it doesn't work as expected (cannot close it, object itself become nonetype) and can be only moved. https://gifyu.com/image/CDqh I've compared my root with GF and other servers and didn't found the hotfix for this. Any tip will be app
  15. #UP Today at 20:00 UTC+2 will have OX Events (2 rounds). We're waiting for you!
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