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  1. Main website: https://forgottenworld2.ro Board: https://board.forgottenworld2.ro/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6RfZ9zc
  2. Hi guys and Happy new year! I encounter a stupid BUG related to character window + teleport. It was introduced once with app.ENABLE_DETAILS_UI (Gameforge Bonus Page). To reproduce this BUG need only to keep character window open during warp. What happen? The window will not be distroyed but also it doesn't work as expected (cannot close it, object itself become nonetype) and can be only moved. https://gifyu.com/image/CDqh I've compared my root with GF and other servers and didn't found the hotfix for this. Any tip will be app
  3. #UP Today at 20:00 UTC+2 will have OX Events (2 rounds). We're waiting for you!
  4. Website: https://www.forgottenworld2.com Register: https://www.forgottenworld2.com/users/register Download: https://www.forgottenworld2.com/download Board: http://board.forgottenworld2.com/ Our server become international few days ago, it is already 100% translated client-side in all 10 languages and server-side about 50% each language. (in progress..) We're waiting for you!
  5. Version of Files : 40250 Hello! 1. Description of the problem / Question : Can anyone share GF quests ? (I remember they we're released in 2014 but I cannot find them anymore). 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) None 3. How to reproduce it ? Text lines based like this gameforge.dragon_lair_access 4. Screenshots ? Not necesarry Thanks, Sincerly, Florin. #Solved. #CloseRequest.
  6. Hi! I have a weird bug about exp rings sales in private shops (normal and offline aswell). You cannot add it to shop because it is locked by "ANTI_SELL | ANTI_MYSHOP" flags, but they're not present in item_proto client or server side. You can sell it once with that bug about changing item position but when you get buy it from shop or get it back from offline shop you cannot sell it anymore because it's locked by same rule but serverside this time. How it is possible to look like have ANTI_SELL | ANTI_MYSHOP antiflags as long it isn't present for real. Thank you!
  7. Hello! Anyone who succesfully implemented dungeon rejoin for demon tower can share coords. for last 3 levels? I've tried coords from questliblua but doesn't work for them. Thank you!
  8. Hello! It doesn't causes Item duplicate but it's still strange how "if (pkItem->IsEquipped() == true)" it's bypassed. Doing same thing to Normal Shop Opening doesn't work at all, it always says "You cannot sell equipped items". Normal Shop Function: Offline Shop Thank you all !
  9. Hi guys! I've implemented Render Target System and everything going well to me and most of players but some of them have this problem when going with mouse over armour/weapon/costume/hair: Any idea? Syserr: 0718 23:00:00679 :: Loading UIScript/PopupDialog.py (PopupDialog True) 0718 23:00:00972 :: Loading locale/ro/ui/LoginWindow.py (LoginWindow False) 0718 23:01:34341 :: CPythonSkill::RegisterSkillDesc(dwSkillIndex=137) - Strange Skill Need Weapon(CLAW) 0718 23:01:34341 :: CPythonSkill::RegisterSkillDesc(dwSkillIndex=139) - Strange Skill Need Weapon(CLAW) 0718 23:01:343
  10. Hi guys! I have this scale problem on jigsaw event and i guess it's a client-side bug. I've compared my own files with two different source files where this system it's perfectly working but i just didn't found the solution. Any point? Thank you!
  11. FreeBSD 9.7 coming from future? I cannot see it on FreeBSD database.
  12. Thank you theri ! After lots of reviews about TS3 protection (so UDP connection) isn't so good as OVH GAME. Probably that's why is not so popular as long they have cheaper prices.
  13. Hi guys ! I would like to buy first dedicated Game Server (https://www.ovh.ie/dedicated_servers/hg/1801mhg03.xml) and starting selling first KVM Game Servers. Please answer to these questions: 1. How those KVM packages are for you ? 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM 20 GB SSD --------------- 5 Euro/month 2 vCPU 4 GB RAM 30 GB SSD --------------- 8 Euro/month 4 vCPU 8 GB RAM 40 GB SSD --------------- 13 Euro/month 4 vCPU 16 GB RAM 50 GB SSD --------------- 16 Euro/month 8 vCPU 32 GB RAM
  14. As all of us know, damage hacks send always same packet (eg. combo1, combo2, etc). It will be nice to send attack command client-server with attack type attached as variable and serverside to null them if they are identical in a short time. Best regards, Florin.



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