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[Opinion] Empire system

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Hi community,


I hope you're all right.
The staff needs your opinion today!


We've been thinking about a system that could make the forum more lively.

Do you know the houses in Harry-Potter? We want to do the same here but with Jinno, Chunjo and Shinsoo.




Each member selects the empire they want when they register. To change empire, you will have to pay a "Color of Empires" with yangs.

Each member makes his empire earn points by participating in the forum, sharing releases, winning contests organized by the staff, etc ... At the end of each month, the members of the winning empire earn yangs or a yang boost. The counters are thus reset to 0, which starts a new month.


With this system, we will be able to develop a lot of things around!
Of course, before setting it up, it is important that we have your opinion, so that we don't get into unnecessary development.


To your keyboards!
The staff

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I like that idea!
And every single update which can make this forum more live again is more than welcome!

Yes from me! 

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Sounds very interesting, would be very fun to see this update live on the forum!

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It might help people be more active in the forum, so yes!

And we could have "empire events/games" to add a little competition maybe.😛

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Although I like the idea very much too I'm a bit sceptical. I think in the very end this would not affect very much the amount or the quality of the newly created releases/topics. Those who make releases time to time would keep doing it anyway (surely this would give a little mental boost to most of them) and those who don't do this because of a reason (no time or don't want to participate in the community with ready to use systems, etc) wouldn't do anyway.

As for myself, I would definitely have more affinity for sharing stuff but even though I don't think that it would reach that level when I would actually start doing so.

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