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  1. arves100

    open Game.core when using gcc7 & c++17..

  2. arves100

    open 64bit handshake issue

    Wrong packets
  3. arves100


    That means your calling a function that has no definition. Either you haven't included the include files that define the functions or you haven't linked the library in with the -l<libraryname> switch on compile. An example... if you want to compile something with libpthread you would all the -lpthread switch (notice that it is -lpthread and NOT -libpthread). "gcc -Wall -o TestProgram -lpthread TestProgram.c"
  4. arves100

    3rd Part Libraries List

    The themida definition aren't deprecated. HackShield is the only one not supported by his author. GameGuard and XTrap uses old version of the library, but they are still supportrd by their creator. Btw a much better choice would be integrating Enigma SDK with Easy anticheat. (There is also XignCode3 but it works like shit). Btw in the list is missing GameGuard, HackShield, XTrap, Mysql/Mariadb Connector C, Google C Test API, OpenSSL (Used in serverkey). While some Tools uses: WxWidgets (used in Ymir Patcher), Mantle ( died :/), Earth, YmirBase, libtorrent. (There was another Ymir lib like YmirNetwork) Edit: It also uses Armadillo nanomites, they should be forced as inclusion, but Armadillo died in 2013.
  5. arves100

    open Running official client on windows server

    The no appropriate is usually resolution or gpu problem. Check with dxdiag your gpu and make sure dx9 is supported.
  6. arves100

    open Game Compile Warning
  7. arves100

    [Discuss] How long do you compile client binary?

    No external gpu. 8gb of ram and pentium g3320 3ghz. Yeah I'm running the top edge of tech lmao
  8. arves100

    open compile with gcc8 linking error Download last version, compile it with your GCC. Move all include files from cryptopp zip to Extern/include/cryptopp. Rebuild game.
  9. arves100

    open Running official client on windows server

    You need a graphic card for run the game. Usually Servers doesn't have one. Otherwise try with "Set compatibility to Windows XP" and Force 640x480 resolution.
  10. arves100

    open How I Can Create a New Function?

    You should at least know C++. There is no documentation so your only hope is to copy Ymir code to understand the src. Start with reading "char.h" for player related function. If you need database connection, search some "SELECT " in the source. If you need Client->Server or Server->Client communication, search some HEADER_GC_ (Game->Client) and HEADER_CG_ (Client->Game). (NOTE: Knowing what a packet is, and client to server type is essential)
  11. Welcome to the world of metin2. Make an item proto server that load each localization.
  12. arves100

    [Discuss] How long do you compile client binary?

    I should take around 30 or 40 minutes for a complete build.
  13. arves100

    open Bug toggle wolfman

    I just wanted to say, please send any syserr, or anything it can help us to diagnosticate the problem. Just saying X doesn't work it's very vauge.
  14. arves100

    open Need Official Root Files

    You never several different changes in the client binary in order to fully execute this files, the way we got thoose files is that they were not cythonized in the EIX/EPK or root, but that's not something we can control.