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  1. asterix2

    c++ Metin2 FALL immune

    First time thank you very much for p3ng3r. 1.0* InstanceBase.h added. Userinterface/Instancebase.cpp Search this: SetVirtualID(c_rkCreateData.m_dwVID); Add under this SetInstanceFallState(CPythonNonPlayer::Instance().IsImmuneFlagByVnum(c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace, CPythonNonPlayer::IMMUNE_FALL)); search this: void CInstanceBase::SetInstanceType(int iInstanceType) add under this function: void CInstanceBase::SetInstanceFallState(bool bIsFall) { m_GraphicThingInstance.SetActorFallState(bIsFall); } Userinterface / Instancebase .h Search this: void SetVirtualNumber(DWORD dwVirtualNumber); Add under this: void SetInstanceFallState(bool bIsFall); Userinterface/PythonNonPlayer.cpp search this funcion: void CPythonNonPlayer::Clear() Add above this: bool CPythonNonPlayer::IsImmuneFlagByVnum(DWORD dwVnum, DWORD dwImmuneFlag) { const CPythonNonPlayer::TMobTable * c_pTable = GetTable(dwVnum); if (!c_pTable) return false; return IS_SET(c_pTable->dwImmuneFlag, dwImmuneFlag) != 0; } Userinterface/PythonNonPlayer.h search this: #define MOB_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_NUM 12 add above this: enum EMobImmuneFlags { IMMUNE_FALL = 4, }; search this: const char* GetMonsterName(DWORD dwVnum); add under this: bool IsImmuneFlagByVnum(DWORD dwVnum, DWORD dwImmuneFlag); GameLib/ActorInstance.cpp search this: void CActorInstance::SetOwner(DWORD dwOwnerVID) add under this funcions: bool CActorInstance::GetActorFallState() { return m_bIsFall; } void CActorInstance::SetActorFallState(bool bIsFall) { m_bIsFall = bIsFall; } search this: m_eActorType = TYPE_PC; add under this: m_bIsFall = false; GameLib/ActorInstance.h search this: void SetOwner(DWORD dwOwnerVID); Add under this: void SetActorFallState(bool bIsFall); bool GetActorFallState(); search this: DWORD m_eActorType; add under this: DWORD m_bIsFall; GameLib/ActorInstanceBattle.cpp search this: if (IS_HUGE_RACE(rkActorDst.GetRace())) change with this: if (IS_HUGE_RACE(rkActorDst.GetRace()) || rkActorDst.GetActorFallState()) Mob_proto.txt don't forge write immuneflag 'FALL' Regards, Samurai
  2. state start begin when login begin if pc.count_item(40016)==1 then affect.add_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_MONSTER, 12, 60*60*24*365*60) else affect.remove_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_MONSTER, 12, 60*60*24*365*60) end end when logout or disconnect begin if pc.getqf("40016") == 1 then affect.remove_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_MONSTER, 12, 60*60*24*365*60) end end when 40016.use begin if pc.is_polymorphed() then say("You polymorphedi!") elseif pc.is_mount() then say("Unmount!") else pc.mount(20976, 3600) end end end end
  3. asterix2

    Client protect

    Hello developers. I search one people to make my server client protection. (Hack, encrypt) Samurai.
  4. asterix2

    Samurai core v1.0/1.1/1.2

    Hello guys, sorry my offline status. I making new project 2k18 summer. :) new src, new english client, new server side.
  5. asterix2

    Meet the Devs

    why not
  6. asterix2

    open Polymorph

    You need 1 sub file. 1 tga file. And root/ uiaffectshower search: chr.NEW_AFFECT_GOLD_BONUS : (localeInfo.TOOLTIP_MALL_GOLDBONUS_STATIC, "d:/ymir work/ui/skill/common/affect/gold_bonus.sub",),
  7. asterix2

    open Horse ride mob problem

    mob_proto.txt-> horse id -> folder -> pony?
  8. asterix2

    solved Sash bug

    syserr or syslog?
  9. asterix2

    open Pet System

    Send me pet system i removed item exp function.
  10. asterix2

    open Saving database (levels, etc..)

    New sh #!/bin/bash echo -e "shutdown..." while pgrep "game"; do echo -e "Game shutdown..." killall game sleep 3 done while pgrep "db"; do echo -e "DB shutdown..." killall db sleep 3 done echo -e "Server shutdowned!"
  11. asterix2

    open Group through Empires

    char.cpp delete this: case PERR_DIFFEMPIRE: ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("<ĆÄĆĽ> ´Ů¸Ą Á¦±ą°ú ĆÄĆĽ¸¦ ŔĚ·ę Ľö ľř˝Ŕ´Ď´Ů.")); return; and this case PERR_DIFFEMPIRE: ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("<ĆÄĆĽ> ´Ů¸Ą Á¦±ą°ú ĆÄĆĽ¸¦ ŔĚ·ę Ľö ľř˝Ŕ´Ď´Ů.")); return false;

    asterixxx where for windows server .sln solution and client pleaseee waitinggg  thxxx

  13. asterix2

    Samurai core v1.0/1.1/1.2

    Game: - It does not create a test file next to the game file. (makefile) - Stirps makes the game file. (makefile) - Limit_time removed (Limit_time.h) - Internal ip removed (config.cpp) - 6-7 bonus added/changer enabled. (char_item.cpp) - Increasing the chance of inserting stones from 30% to 35%. (char_item.cpp) - 0 gold purchase store item enabled.. (shop.cpp) - pc_change_name (Europe) enabled. (questlua_pc.cpp) - 70024 (marble blessing) and enabled store. (hivalue_item_sell check removed) (shop.cpp) - 6-7 bonus disabled costume. (char_item.cpp) - max level 250 (constans.cpp, common/lenght.h) - Dice, ÁÖ»çŔ§ and war fix. (cmd_general.cpp) - Player bonuses are removed bonus time. (char_item.cpp) - Stuff disappearance has dropped by 2 minutes 10 seconds players (item.h, char_item.cpp) - A szorzók mennyisége növelve 1000%-ra. (priv_manager.cpp) - Client_version_check fixed. (input_login.cpp, config.cpp, input_main.cpp) - Horse skill enabled. (char_skill.cpp) - dungeon core crash fix. (char.cpp) - cube crash fix. (cube.cpp) - Bonus changer fix. (char_item.cpp) - ymir licens removed. (input.cpp, input_auth.cpp, main.cpp) - invisible bug fix. (char_affect.cpp) - After Teleportation will not be - life. (char.cpp) - Sura magic sword skill bug fix. (char_battle.cpp) - 2x fixed Kill counting. (questmanager.cpp) - If there are multiple kk taking away one. (char_item.cpp) - Vid fix. (input_main.cpp) //Monster, npc. - Party teleport fix. (party.cpp) - Quest core crash fix. (questlua_pc.cpp) - /reload q crash fix. (questmanager.h, questmanager.cpp) - PM flood fix. (char.h, char.cpp, input_main.cpp, cmd_general.cpp, messenger_manager.h, messenger_manager.cpp) - Ingame sql inject fix. (messenger_manager.cpp, messenger_manager.h) - 4. inventory page. (exchange.cpp, char_item.cpp, common/lenght.h) - Api tool password modify WTFWTFWTFWTFWTFW. (config.cpp) - TP- broadcast MP bug fix ( bios bug, bug rush ). (char.cpp) - Stone chance fix. (char_item.cpp) - immun bug fix. (item.cpp) - Reload command expanded. (cmd.cpp, cmd_gm.cpp, input_db.cpp, shop_manager.cpp, refine.cpp, char_manager.cpp, char_manager.h, item_manager.h, item_manager_read_tables.cpp, mob_manager.cpp, mob_manager.h, char.cpp, sectree_manager.cpp, regen.cpp, regen.h, shop.cpp, shop.h) - Item_type 33 added. (char_item.cpp) - cube list fix. (cube.cpp) - Full equip bug fix. (char_item.cpp) - ds slot fix(common/lenght.h) - anti long name generator. (input_login.cpp) - Port repaired (common/tables.h) -- - pc.block_exp & pc.unblock_exp quest function added. (char.cpp, char.h, questlua_pc.cpp, input_login.cpp) -- - Ninja kick fix. (speed) (input_main) - Maximum stat point 125 && 90 will also receive Status Points .. (cmd_general.cpp, char.cpp) - Target Information system added. (char.cpp, char.h, input.h, input_main.cpp, item_manager.cpp, item_manager.h, packet.h, packet_info.cpp, common/service.h) - Inventory Slot Marking System added. (common/lenght.h, exchange.cpp, packet.h) - 24 slot exchange window. (exchange.cpp, exchange.h) DB: - Stirps makes the db file. (Makefile) - Item_award 3 stone fix. (ClientManager.cpp) - DB start fix. (Main.cpp, libsql/AsyncSQL.cpp, ClientManager.cpp) (latin2) - Port fix (ClientManager.h,ClientManager.cpp) Binary: - New equipment system enabled. (userinterface/locale_inc.h) - It handles True,TRUE,true,False,FALSE,false values. (Scriptlib/PythonLauncher.cpp) - 4. inventory added (userinterface/GameType.h) - 0 gold Shop fix.. (Userinterface/PythonPlayerModule.cpp) - /reload q crash fix.( PythonNetworkStream.h, PythonNetworkStream.cpp, PythonNetworkStream.cpp) - Port fix (packet.h) - granny updated 2.9-re(EterGrnLib/mesh.cpp, EterGrnLib/ModelInstanceUpdate.cpp, EterGrnLib/Material.cpp, EterGrnLib/ModelInstanceModel.cpp, Userinterface/userinterface.cpp) - Python updated 2.7-re. (Userinterface.cpp, ScriptLib/PythonUtils.cpp, Scriptlib/PythonLauncher.cpp, Scriptlib/PythonLauncher.h, Scriptlib/PythonMarshal.cpp, Scriptlib/StdAfx.h) - Target Information system added. (Locale_inc.h, packet.h, PythonApplicationModule.cpp, PythonNetworkStream.cpp, PythonNetworkStream.h, PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp, PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp, PythonNonPlayer.cpp, PythonNonPlayer.h, PythonNonPlayerModule.cpp) - Inventory Slot Marking System added. (GameType.h, locale_inc.h, Packet.h, PythonApplicationModule.cpp, PythonItemModule.cpp, PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp, PythonPlayer.cpp, PythonPlayer.h, PythonPlayerModule.cpp) - 24 slot exchange window. (PythonExchange.h) Download link: Some link: (target information system): -link removed by administration- 24 exchange slot: -link removed by administration- slot marking system: (All need only py side)
  14. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SAFEBOX = (1 << 17),
  15. please asterix when samurai 2.0 for windows src files pleaseee