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  1. Shogun

    open [Searching] Sound Files..

    Short answer, you can't. This is a generic error. For every msa file, the game will search for a matching mss file in the sound folder. The error is harmless as not all msa files are supposed to have a mss file.
  2. Shogun

    solved mysql problem

    Well there is no user called "core" so of course it won't work. What did you expect?
  3. Shogun

    solved mysql problem

    What do you mean with "didn't work"?
  4. World Editor is the Map Editor for Metin2 and it's probably for download elsewhere in this forum. I don't have time for handholding sorry.
  5. Open it in WorldEditor and go to the last tab (A, Attribute Map), click the Block checkmark, select "Edit", then go there and delete the are you can't walk on. Save the map and then save server_attr so it works serverside as well.
  6. Shogun

    Princess assassin

    We are using it in my server, thank you!
  7. Shogun


    Dear community, WoM3 is looking for a C++ developer to help taking the project to new heights together with our creative team consisting of 2 game designers, 3 developers, 1 mapper and 2 designers. Knowledge of python and lua will help. We require a minimum B2/C1 level of english, experience in working in teams and collaboration tools such as git is a plus. We offer: full or part time position in a fun and creative work environment and a salary to match your skills. Interested? write to me on
  8. Shogun

    *new* click glow select etc.

    That's my avatar in the WoM forum cool idea with the ouroboros
  9. Shogun

    WoM3: The Path of the Dragon

    The launch has been an incredible success beyond our wildest expectations with 10.000 players online daily. Who said Metin2 was dead?
  10. Shogun

    [Game Designer]WoM3

    GAME DESIGNER WANTED! You will be the Game Designer of a new and improved WoM experience, being involved in design conversations, documentation and foremost content creation. You will be working closely with the Dev team and Graphic design team. If you dream of being a game designer who thrives on creating engaging experiences we would like to hear from you! Job Description/Requirements: - design a wide variety of challenges to suit different skill levels and play styles - be the go to person for the implementation of interesting content that stretches the capabilities of existing systems Applicant Requirements and Qualifications: - Deep familiarity with WoM and with the server/client-side implementation procedures - Familiar with the visual side of the content - Advantage if you have been a part of live game project where you have been directly involved in game design - You are well-versed in games and the ability to articulate what is a strong/weak about the design of existing servers - Ability to communicate your ideas and collaborate with others (via slack in written form, or via voice chat during meetings or purely creating content prototypes) If you would like to be a part of building a stunning game experience we would love to hear from you. Please submit your resume and letter of motivation to and we will be in touch soon! With regards, the WoM Team
  11. Shogun

    WoM3: The Path of the Dragon

    Thanks for the praise. We are opening tomorrow at 6pm CEST and excited about it.
  12. Shogun

    Feedback for our new theme

    I like the theme but it needs a graphical logo. Without a logo it always feels too "default".
  13. It's best to develop everything in your own team. Most people creating these "systems" are not professional and don't know how to write reusable code. Most of them opened a server which failed and are hoping to get some money off the time they spent preparing it before quitting because the public didn't understand their genius.
  14. Join us now! Official site Discord Facebook
  15. Shogun

    ymir beta skills

    The old effects of the skills were still in the Gameforge servers when I started playing. They changed it a few months later in 2008.