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  1. Flourine

    Double post but tool has problem with encoding of DE http://prntscr.com/qjyk5d letters
  2. Flourine

    you should do rm -rf /
  3. Flourine

    xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd that is reason for which he shouldn't publish it
  4. Flourine

    You touch my tralalalaaa
  5. Flourine

    But problem is not in that.
  6. Flourine

    wow. Secret knowledge
  7. Flourine

    Teach us please
  8. Flourine

    woaah gimme that
  9. Flourine

    Nice! Next idea, item_list based on item_proto from serverside. I mean if u haven't something in item_proto and you have in item_list it will be deleted. (of course if u want)
  10. Flourine

    @Helia01 add printing duplicates to new file. Will be very usable
  11. Flourine


    Buffer overflow i think. I had same and i used one fix from another forum
  12. Flourine

    Anyway i just hired sysadmin and he did mitigation system. I would never send any money for ddoser.
  13. Flourine

    From where you know that cytax = ch3hp ? If so then what a deal he had to help me for free? (and no without tv/anydesk.Just simple screen sharing at discord)
  14. Flourine

    CH3HP ddos his own server lol?
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