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  1. Flourine

    open GCC8 Compilation problem

    Thank you & solved. The objdir wasn't cleared after gmake clean ._. #closerequest
  2. Hello everyone, i've decided to compile game on FBSD 11.2 x32 and GCC8. I've fixed all problems about boost/cryptopp(upgraded them to the newest) ect. ect but when game was linking this has happened How i can solve that?
  3. Flourine

    [RELEASE] Eligara / Aligra Client Design

    Wow, it's fucking awesome.
  4. Flourine

    open Lag on PvP when using Costume

    Which sash system you got?
  5. This fit with shiro2 owner. As i heard he had ~ 30k euro in cash when they came to his house
  6. Flourine

    c++ Auto Opener by CMD

    I can't python thats why i did like that.
  7. Flourine

    c++ Auto Opener by CMD

    Hi, i did command that can be used for auto opener of items (like 27987) Code of func. is here Example: /fast_opener itemvnum howMuchtoOpen positionOfItem
  8. member function already defined or declared - you defined twice time GetPrivateShopItemPrice in PythonShop.h PythonShop.cpp delete ->
  9. Hi devs, i got problem with ITEM_UNIQUE when i create item with this function like lollipop ect. it got 0 minutes. Any idea's to fix it?
  10. What are the differences on this functions?
  11. Hi.I got problem with horse skills. When i click on it nothing is happen On other clientside work correctly but i did too much work to make it once more from clear clientside
  12. Flourine

    open Problem source sysser

    cmd_gm.cpp:901: error: 'class CHARACTER' has no member named 'IsPet'
  13. Flourine


    PW i can help u.