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i need c++ for global chat. i have this: /sry bad english :D


this effect have only GM:



every change to every player could?

BYTE m_bEmpire;

	FuncShout(const char * str, BYTE bEmpire) : m_str(str), m_bEmpire(bEmpire)

	void operator () (LPDESC d)
		if (!d->GetCharacter())
		if(!g_bGlobalShoutEnable && (d->GetCharacter()->GetGMLevel() == GM_PLAYER && d->GetEmpire() != m_bEmpire))
		d->GetCharacter()->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_SHOUT, "%s", m_str);

void SendShout(const char * szText, BYTE bEmpire)
	const DESC_MANAGER::DESC_SET & c_ref_set = DESC_MANAGER::instance().GetClientSet();
	std::for_each(c_ref_set.begin(), c_ref_set.end(), FuncShout(szText, bEmpire));

void CInputP2P::Shout(const char * c_pData)
	TPacketGGShout * p = (TPacketGGShout *) c_pData;
	SendShout(p->szText, p->bEmpire);
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