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  • Moon

The walking dead 6 season's episode 2 was really good. Here is a detail of the episode.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2 Recap.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2 recap

Things are calm in Alexandria. Carol swaps recipes with the women folk. Jessie fights with Ron over her friendship with Rick and the death of his father. Maggie teaches Deanna about farming. Eugene doesn’t want the biggest building in the new expansion to be a church. Denise, a psychiatrist, is trying to get used to her new role as the community’s doctor. Carol returns home, yells at Sam for sitting on her stoop, and goes inside to make a casserole. As she sets the timer (55 minutes) she notices a filthy – but very human – man attack her neighbor, out having a smoke. Carol chases down the guy and kills him, then puts her neighbor out of her misery.


On the wall, molotov cocktails take out several guards, and send Maggie and Deanna for cover. Outside, Spencer is in the sniper tower and he sees a big rig heading towards the community. He fires, and the truck slams into his tower. The driver falls onto the horn – the sound that Rick’s team heard last week. It takes Spencer a while to free himself, and when he does, he tries to gather the courage to kill the now-zombified driver. Luckily Morgan shows up and takes care of it. Spencer decides to stay outside and he is soon joined by Deanna, deciding she would be better off out of everyone’s way.

Inside Alexandria, the Wolves have descended and they are vicious. They attack the Alexandrians with a viciousness that is normally not seen outside of rabid dogs. The Wolves don’t have guns; they use axes and other blades to chop up Alexandrians into tartare. Morgan encounters one of these particularly ferocious killers, but before he can turn on Morgan, another Wolf kills him. The Wolf reveals herself to be Carol in disguise. Rather than thanking Carol for saving his life, Morgan is mad that she killed him and tries to lecture her. Carol can’t worry about hurt feelings; she has to get to the armory. 


With Morgan on a chain, as her “captive,” the two head to the armory while shooting Wolves. She refuses to help Gabriel, which Morgan can’t abide by. He “breaks” his chains and runs to save Gabriel. Carol continues on to the armory, kills a couple Wolves along the way, gives Olivia a 10-second lesson on shooting a gun, and takes off with a sack full of weapons to pass out. On the way, she sees Morgan tying up the Wolf, and she takes it upon herself to shoot him, then hands both Morgan and Gabriel a gun. Morgan doesn’t want it, and gives it to Gabriel. He doesn’t want it, either.

Morgan continues patrolling, and is soon surrounded by five Wolves. He gives them one last chance to leave before hitting them with his big stick. He knocks out a couple of them, then warns that if they “keep choosing this life, you will die.” “We didn’t choose this life,” he growls, but he and his other Wolves leave. He does stop and take a dead man’s gun on the way out. With things quieting down, Morgan stabs a zombie then ventures through an open door to check on a residence. There is a Wolf hiding inside, and the two men fight. Morgan has the upper hand, but the Wolf realizes that Morgan can’t kill him. He charges Morgan, who trips him and beats him with his big stick. “I’m sorry,” says Morgan before landing the killing blow.

When sh*t hits the fan, Carol tells Carl to stay put and protect Judith. A noise at the door puts him on edge, but it is only Enid. She comes in to say goodbye, but Carl convinces her to stay and help him protect the house. She does, for a little while at least. Outside, Ron is being chased by a Wolf. Carl hurries out to help and shoots the Wolf in the leg. The Wolf howls – not like a wolf, but like a hungry infant. Carl inches closer, and the Wolf uses the proximity to grab Carl. Carl is strong and shoots the Wolf dead. He invites Ron into the house with him and Enid, but he declines. I think it is partly because he doesn’t trust Rick or his kin, but also partly because he is jealous that Enid and Carl are spending alone time together. 

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Recap.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jessie are hiding in a closet. When things quiet down, Jessie slips out and makes her way downstairs. She shoots at the female Wolf but misses, and a catfight ensues. Jessie plays dead, and while the Wolf goes for her discarded gun, Jessie attacks with a pair of scissors. All sorts of emotions are released as she stabs the Wolf with the brutality that the Wolves showed to Alexandria. Ron comes in and sees this.

In the cold open of tonight’s show, we see what happened to Enid and her family. While trying to jumpstart a car, the family was attacked by zombies. Enid was the only survivor, and she had to watch the zombies eat her loved ones. After that she was constantly on the move, but wandering in a state of everlasting shock. At every turn, she wrote JSS. In the dirt, on a car window, with the bones of a tortoise she ate raw. Now, when Carl returns to the house and calls for Enid, he gets no answer. She has gone, but she has left him a note: “Just survive somehow.” The alarm goes off and Carl takes the casserole out of the oven. Almost everything in tonight’s episode happened in “real time.”

Also: Holly is brought to the medical office with internal bleeding. Denise is too scared to help, until Tara yells at her. She agrees to give it a go, but Holly flatlines and Denise takes it hard. Aaron brains a Wolf before he can turn, and notices he has a satchel on him. Rifling through it, Aaron discovers the fuzzy photos of Alexandria he used on his recruiting expeditions. That is how they knew where to find them.

Beautiful, violent, simple, terrifying. I hope we get more details on the Wolves. They are fascinating.

The Walking Dead Season 6 - Episode 3 (Thank you). Here is some sneak peek of the episode


Kind Regards ~ Ken

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  • Moon

this season is epic as fuck. I like that they show more exciting personal insights and emotions.

My favorite character is morgan at the moment. Rick is already out of his mind via Jess. I think, this season will be good. Also, I'm curious about the fear walking dead. Who was the first zombie etc. As I see, A few zombie looks like intelligence and the final season is really good too ^^ 

Do not be sorry, be better.

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this season is epic as fuck. I like that they show more exciting personal insights and emotions.

My favorite character is morgan at the moment. Rick is already out of his mind via Jess. I think, this season will be good. Also, I'm curious about the fear walking dead. Who was the first zombie etc. As I see, A few zombie looks like intelligence and the final season is really good too ^^ 

You're right, I agree with you.

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  • Moon

The walking dead's season 6x03


I've been positive about The Walking Dead for a long time. Even the second season, the show's worst, had plenty of bright spots in it to be positive about. New characters, some very inventive special effects, chaotic zombie action. The show knows what we want, and it gives it to us. So far, the sixth season of The Walking Dead is shaping up to be the show's best, because I cannot think of another three-episode run that's been quite as good as this one.

The show has been improving since that second season. The action quotient has been increased in spite of budgetary limitations. The writing has become drastically better, opting to show much more than it tells. The direction has remained good to great, thanks in no small part to upgrading certain folk such as Gregory Nicotero to rotation status. Even the actors have gotten better, partially due to adding good character actors into the mix and the general improvement of familiar faces like Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride. For all these wonderful things, there's a cost. Sometimes, The Walking Dead gives us something we don't want in the name of drama.

The previous two episodes of The Walking Dead have ended on cliffhangers, but not the frustrating sort, the exciting sort. Normally, I can avoid the urge to binge-watch things, but all I want to do is binge-watch the rest of this season, or at least the next few episodes until things start to calm down as they inevitably must do. When last we left Alexandria, Carol was conducting a one-woman war on all manner of thugs. That remains to be resolved. When we last left Rick and company, half their horde of zombies was heading in the wrong direction, following the sound of the honking semi horn to the mostly-defenseless Alexandria.

The chaos of the zombies leads to chaos among the very people trying to control everything. Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and the rest are faced with a choice: complete the mission or run home to try to save the people of Alexandria? Either way, it looks like people are going to die, and Rick is clear on his end of the bargain. Despite protests from Daryl, Rick's going to split the group up, going back to get the RV to lure the zombies away while the rest of the gang goes running back to Alexandria, killing walkers on the way. Rick, ever the prophet, tells Glenn and Michonne to get back to town no matter what, and if the Alexandrians get hurt or fall by the wayside, leave them to die and get back to Alexandria and keep the town safe. Rick knows that the Alexandrians are, at the moment, more trouble than they're worth, even if Michonne and Glenn don't agree and do their best to make sure everyone gets home.

That sets up a pretty effective split cast, with Rick on his solo adventure and the rest of the gang basically trying to get home without any real help. Of course, as the groups get smaller and smaller, due to zombie attacks, accidental shootings, or just getting separated from one another. The Alexandrians are, by and large, worthless. However, Angela Kang, aside from one guy Sturgess, doesn't make them that poor as survivors in her script. Heath (Corey Hawkins) has proven his usefulness as a runner and David leaps right into the challenges, in spite of his fear. However, they're just not tempered enough to keep their cool when faced with thousands of walkers marching towards gunfire, and that gets people killed. Both them and, unfortunately, others.

Between Kang's script and the direction of Michael Slovis, the doom is on the wall for someone. Multiple Alexandrians fall by the wayside, and when the gang takes a detour into an abandoned town to try to patch up their wounds and attempt to find a car. When the zombies show up and cut off their escape, it leaves Glenn and a seemingly redeemed Nicholas to start a fire and save them. Unfortunately, Nicholas doesn't have quite the mental toughness, and the more he panics, the more dangerous things seem. This tension progresses throughout the episode, as the number of zombies in the horde grows, and every detour or twist or turn leads to a dead-end and a precarious climb to safety for both Glenn and Nicholas and Michonne and her crew. As the show unwinds, it becomes more and more apparent that someone important is going to die, and no matter how much you root for Daryl to show up and save the day or Rick to show up in the RV to get everyone to safety, it never happens.

I've been holding off on just talking about it, but I can't. Stop here if you haven't been spoiled yet; however, given that I saw spoilers posted in the comments on AMC's The Walking DeadInstagram feed, I'm sure folks know by now. Last chance...

The death of Glenn was phenomenally well done. It hurt watching Glenn's life end, if only because he's one of the ones I assumed wouldn't buy it any time soon, particularly so soon after the death of Beth. The dream-like execution of Glenn's slow fall at the feet of the horde, and the long seconds of waiting for the walkers to stop feasting on Nicholas and turn on him gave me just a brief moment of hope that he'd somehow scrabble his way out of yet another predicament that should've killed him.

No such luck this time, and as hearts are eaten, hearts are broken. Glenn doesn't get a hero's death in the sense that he does something heroic and saves some lives in the process; Glenn's not getting the T-Dogg treatment. However, Glenn dies for what he believes in, kind of. He believes that Nicholas is a new man, redeemed, capable of contributing. He's wrong, but at least he gave the man a second chance, even at the cost of his own life. On a different show, perhaps Nicholas would have proved himself. Not this show, not this season.


The walking dead 6x04 (Here's not here)


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Do not be sorry, be better.

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