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can make a config? in the index? pls

z.b. text_exp: 1

Open the char_battle.cpp:

iExp = AdjustExpByLevel(to, iExp);

add this:

	if (show_exp)
		to->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "|cff00ff00|H|hEarned Exp : %d", iExp);



now open config.h and add this:

extern bool show_exp;


now open config.cpp and annd under this:

bool		bXTrapEnabled = false;


bool show_exp = false;



now under this funktion:

			int tmp = 0;

			str_to_number(tmp, value_string);

			if (0 == tmp)
				g_BlockCharCreation = false;
				g_BlockCharCreation = true;


add this:

			int exp = 0;

			str_to_number(exp, value_string);

			if (1 == exp)
				show_exp = true;
				fprintf(stderr, "Show EXP: %in", exp);



done but not testet....




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