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I have got some freetime in summer, so i release my patcher source. Just use file size (bytes) to check files.

(Made it in C# WPF)

How to work:

1. Create your patchlist.txt (added image)

2. Upload on FTP or wherever you want

3. Upload the listed files


Lets do the exe

1. Open solution with a compiler

2. Edit Globals.cs


        public static string ServerUrl = "http://www.***.com/patcher/";

The "ServerUrl" is the server folder, that contain created patchlist.txt



        //starter exe name
        public static string exename = "game.exe";

If downloaded finished automatically start this exe (currentfolder)



        //create patchlog.txt with datas of downloading and etc
        public static string logname = "patchlog.txt";
        public static bool enablelog = true;

The patcher create log, "enablelog" = true/false 


Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!pFhVFZoL!kG8zorvqfxikPbcuPxdVwyGifVldWP2ciAaz3gcWXsY



For any service, effect, design, programming PM to me

Ohh, the main thing : Have nice summer!

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Hmm, in Client Source  do an argument check or some security solution..

In C# can run  exe with args

Process.Start(Globals.exename, "args");

can edit in: Engine/Downloader.cs line 49

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