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[REVIEWS] Re-improvement models metin2



Hi all, I know this is not new and we all know that metin2 models, especially the characters are as cuadrados.Esto is because they use a poor mesh with few vertices making have less soft.
For some days I'm getting better by model Metin2 models of all the characters. The result would be something as you will see in the following images.
Also by doing this is not quite an advantage, we all know metin2 runs on any computer with few requirements, if this came publicar. have it finished and use it abria a serious problem for Users that have computers with few requirements. Since being the most extensive maya rendering the graphics engine is enhanced by the  the CPU needs to do more calculations to take 100% of the model. Do not go into the details of how this works.
I leave the IMAGERY in the order of before and it then.
Open to view the images.


Quick ingame result, not stare like this adapted if not the result, you will appreciate having a higher suavity curves, you can buy, obviously this is not the end result, just adapt a model very fast to appreciate.
For nexperots eyes to ue veais the difference, compare the nose of old with this
As we can see the quality greatly increases both uphill and model and textures that are much better. is not a thing aga in two days, since I have to retrofit all models and are much.Con their crrespondientes textures in their names and other routes.
Just ask an opinion to see that opinais and so I'll see whether or not to continue with the work.
Greetings to all.
Srr for my bad English
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