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Hello guys, today I wanna release my first map. The point of whole this is to get some feedback on how can I improve my future maps. Some screenshots from World Editor.






Size : 3 x 3

Author : Siwy

Creating Time : 'bout 2hours.

External Links :
-[1] Only map : https://mega.co.nz/#!JhNxnaha!ycbJPOFYmsZCIDSewRFlPOsTOevoLgkxFuuOvrnOcrI
-[2] Map with objects,textures, etc. https://mega.co.nz/#!14VBCAAB!oKXiFFm2f329NDq8CT5ZhdCI0IujoaFAXlVXT3JA8m8



-[3] Serverside https://mega.co.nz/#!N9tiAZzA!6sVA-w3M2dNffdbofMhvcmDfjNGRXL6NbQyLyiW3f0E


I hope someone founds this useful ! Also I've added external links for download. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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I had a few copies of the map and accidentally uploaded the wrong one. Everyone who had downloaded the map needs to re-download it.

There are also 2 external links for download, one is with map only and other one contains everything.

It would be nice if someone could add the map and check if everything is included and works fine.

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what do i add in atlastinfo?


It doesn't really matter. The coordinates need to end with 00 unless it's a single 0.

and they can't overlap with another map coz there are going to be some issues. If you have a map in your atlasinfo that you don't need/use you can use their coordinates.


Example : teodor_glade    445500    5544400    3    3

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