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[ Dead Download Link ] [Bin] for 34k Files - noHS - MountDMG - noCRC -Type2 [ We Need You ]


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i share the r36469 bin/exe.



0. working for 34k Servefiles

0. Official Binary with only following changes

1. No Hackshield

2. Removed CRC

3. It can open Type2 packed Files

4. Mount from 20110 to 20210 can attack   --> If you dont make DMG you may also need Dif for your "Game"

5. Activated "App can handle more than 2GB" --> No Runtime Error while using Big Clients ( mine is 2,2GB big)



This was an untouched bin, i searched for some diffs, which took some time to get the right ones :P, Diffs applied while using "Byte chek" with no Error.


I hope it may help some people and save some time :)




Greets Chrizz


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5. Activated "App can handle more than 2GB" --> No Runtime Error while using Big Clients ( mine is 2,2GB big)

how did you managed to do that?


Download CFF Explorer

make a Backup of your bin

Open your Bin with CFF

Go to File Header

Click on the right side "click here"

chek "app can handle........2GB" if its unchecked.

save the Bin

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yea it's pretty easy but I think I ended up not using that change because it didn't fix the problem.

I also made sure that all my archives are under 100MB. I split the large ones into separate archives (such as the PC and PC2 archives).

What I suggest is remove all the items that you aren't using in your plan for the server. For example, you download a pack of armors and/or weapons and only use some of them. So delete the ones you aren't using first (it also makes the overall client size smaller, which is nice).

Next, check if you're getting runtime errors in your syserr, you may have to choose new armors to replace some (or weapons). When I did this I finally got rid of all the errors.

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Thanks @chrizz



Like for me while I clean the customer more sub file or file _old.gr2 or 936 or 948 ect
Client Full 2014 700Mo ^^
Pack my PC and PC2 are more than PC pack
Ranger like this
Pack PC
   - assassin_m
   - assassin_w
   - ninja_m
   - ninja_w
   - shaman_m
   - shaman_w
   - warrior_m
   - warrior_w


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Yes ofcourse, if your Client is small there no need for something like that :)


But i used this method also to the WOM2 Client and i can play 3 days without Runtimeerror :D, without the 2Gb handle, Client crash all 1-2 hours

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