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[64 bit gamefile] Development group


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.. Today I'm looking for some people to work together within a small group of developers. It's a beneficial work for everyone within the group. I want to create the first 64 bit gamefile of the world (maybe some people already did that but nevermind). I managed to make a full build with new libraries, everything in 64 bit. The gamefile and dbcache actually work and do not crash. Also they managed to get a connection to the binary but that's all they can do for now.


So what's the plan?

I want to create a special development group. With that in mind I want to let them commit changes to make the gamefile fully work with 64 bit. My plan is to fix every bug and bring up a server with this branch. It'll be a long beta but it'll ensure that everything works without flaws.


So I'm actually in the need of helping hands. I'd maybe do it on my own but that'll take a lot of time and I'd like to achieve a running gamefile with players able to connect and play within the next few weeks.


What rights do you have if you participate?

Apparently. Nothing. Since it's ymir's sources no one except of them own any rights with that files. But! We're making a kind of deal. It's up to the group if the source gets released or used in any way. People participating in that work are free to build their own gamefiles with this branch, but no one will release it unless the majority of the group wants it. So it's up to the full group what we'll do once we finished our task.


It is also possible to creat a svn/git repository to allow the members to commit changes in an easy way. But for sure there will be a skype group.

If needed I'll also show you a "proof of concept". As I said I already managed to build a full 64 bit gamefile with dbcache.


Why do I search here?

Because I can't expect these dumb people from other boards to do their job well.


So. Simple as that. I want a development group, everyone participating is free to do whatevery they want but mass releases only with the majority of the group itself. It'll be a simple mainline_released branch, nothing added but I'll remove unnecessary things like auth_brazil, passpod and matrix login from the source since we really won't need them and they'd only slow down the pace of our real task.


If there's interest just leave me a pm.


Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm already working on it and people are free to join. But as soon as I build the full game file on my own I'll remove my offer immediately. So if you're too late, there'll be nothing to work anymore.

what would you do in a battle of survival?

It's coming soon

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