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Father = Infinite Wisdom, Pure Thinking


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"Albert Einstein asked if I accept Jesus Christ as a historical figure, he replied: No doubt! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the presence of Iisus.Personalitatea to pulsate with each cuvant.Nici a myth can not be both viata.Iisus full figure is too colossal for the pen of phrase-makers. "
Quantum physics says that what we imagine, which maintain deep and deep in our mind is attracted by the brain, which is like a magnet that attracts to it the facts and events viitoare.SANTEM what you think! 
The relationship God - Man is far simpler than tried and try the great teachers of the clergy or philosophers to arate.Orice man has, more or less clearly in the heart of this: that God, Infinite Intelligence and Power Cosmic, principle or how we call 
each, there is ever-present, is present everywhere at the same time and is atotputernic.Spiritul Infinite (God) or Infinite Wisdom, is so fully present in each and remain there until the man murim.Corpul Mental possess threefold: 
The mind subconscious, conscious and superconscious. 
Superconscious mind is the perfect ideas, divine inspiration, intuition, emotions, feelings. 
Conscious mind is the creative mind, one that is printed in her own identity, one that thinks the adevarat.Ea sees life as it appears, sees, disease, poverty, suffering, death and misery. 
When divinity is stuck in a man thinks that conscious mental life must be so physically. 
The subconscious mind is equivalent to a box that records the behavior, then the touch of a button play them automat.Subconstientul contains divinity in all its fullness but is unable to act and decide by yourself, since it has led vointa.Este commands and requests firm's data by the mind consciousness. 
Mode of action of consciousness is the form - thought, thought emis.Cheia required to open both the subconscious and superconscious how is going form issued by constient.Daca closer look this triad superconscious (The mind), Aware (Intelligence) and subconscious (memory), we see a subtle identification of many fundamental triad of sacred teachings, especially with the teaching of Jesus: father, Son, Holy Sfant.Tot what a man thinks and accept, consciously or unconsciously, subconsciously print exactly and it brings out exactly what was impregnated. Why should we wonder that some people are sick, poor, unhappy, violent when they have impregnated subconscious acceptance of death, disease, poverty, suffering, violence. 
All institutions, especially religious ones, have forced the man to do it, forced him to accept the disease, death, poverty, and other humiliations. They created songs, jobs, holy rituals of death, disease, poverty and humiliation that trumpet loud and it's God's will that man be sick, poor, humble and die. 
"What you give, you get that" = What we think, that emits think and act, you will get just that. 
"Do not worry about your life ..." 
"NOT keep worrying about what you eat, what you will wear ... for all these things people are looking avidly" 
In other words .... do not stay ... Do not go into negative status IAD.Mai well stay in a positive state ... that is in heaven. 
Devil = mind = Negative thoughts = Fear 
"Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto ..." 
In prayer when we ask for something, we recognize that we do not have that lucru.Continuând to ask, do nothing else than to provide power things that will not happen. "When you pray for something, believe that it is already yours, and so will be. "As more keep in mind the facts that we want, the spectacular new fact our subconscious that executes exactly what tasks you give it. "In my Father's house are many mansions" (John 14.02) "In many ways my superconscious ditch ". 
There are always more opportunities in the future ... many mansions ditch ... future consists of many versions of it that we can access one singura.Depinde the way we think! If I think positively, we live in vibration high and so we will access the most convenient opportunity for good nostru.Daca a stand in fear, then we will live in low vibration and thus we access the opportunity less convenient. "As your Father knows (your potential) of the what you need before I ask you from Him. "(Matthew 6-8)" You will seek me and not find me; and where I am, ye can not come. "(John 7:33) 
"Where I shall go (how thinking), you will not be able to come (due to limited and restrictive beliefs and mentality then you were taught) and because I am mentally healthy and can go wherever you want (I can use the power of memory). "Jesus was referring to the potential power of the subconscious and thinking that he was capabil.Iisus tells Nicodemus:" you must be born again "... that is to change your mindset from thinking." therefore I say to you: All things ask, praying, believe that you have received and you will be. "(Mark 11-24) when you pray for something, imagine it is already yours, and so WILL! So we pray? "but when you pray, go into your pantry (memory) and, closing the door, pray to your Father (Mental), which is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret (Thought, imagination), will reward you. "
Divine is within us, not looking for God outside yourself ... 
Jesus said that if you want to be somebody, to have fabulous riches if you want to pray for radiant health, must necessarily become rich fabulous and radiant health, first in your imagination! Otherwise things can not come to you. 
So our emotions and thoughts affect the world around us and within us, because there is an invisible energy field that connects everything, it is called Matrix divina.Daca want to be healed, we must imagine that you already radiant health even if your body is in durere.Acest can be achieved through faith in our divine power, the potential that lies in our subconscious, because the kingdom of heaven is noi.NOI CREAM REALITY ISSUED BY oUR MINDS by thinking, conscious OUR-ie "SON"! 
Three is the secret that comes from great UNUL.In pristorie three units were derived from the same source. 
1) God, Intelligence / Reason, power / potential. 2) Theologians say: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 
3) Psychiatrists say superconscious conscious, subconscious. 4) Spiritualists say: Mind, Body, Spirit. 
5) Scientists say: Energy, Matter, Antimatter (Ether). 
6) The poets say: Mind, Heart, Soul. 
7) People share Time: Past, Present, Future. 
8) Experience: Thought, Word, Action (deed). 
  All three put together produce a result - what language and your understanding is called feeling or your experienta.Sufletul (subconscious) is the sum total of every feeling you've ever had (created) ever. Your awareness on the existence of some of these feelings is called memory. When you have the memory, re-amintesti.Adica says you put everything in one place, reassemble the parts. When you reassemble all parts of you, you will be re-member who you Adevarat.Nimic not exist in your world that has not existed first as going pur.Cuvintele are more dynamic because the words are in a different level of vibration compared going. They disrupt (change, alter, affect) the universe with more impact mare.Cuvintele are the second level of creatie.Apoi follows actiunea.Actiunile are words in motion. Words are thoughts expressed. 5. Everything is created begins with thought ("comes from the Father"). Everything is created then moves to word ("Ask and you shall receive, ask and you will answer"). Everything that is created is perfect by deed ("And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us") .Subconstientul is so power and is conscious intelligence Infinite Spirit (God) every man. 
Two phrases in the Bible must be stated here to enlighten us definitively what I said before. 
1) It's not written in your law that "I said you are gods?" (John 10-24) .Iisus referred to the potential of us can be awakened. 
2) Verily, verily, I say unto you, he who believes in me will do the works that he made ​​and I will do greater works than these, because I go to the Father. (John 14-12) .Iisus wanted to say that the Father is in Him that makes these works and the same Father who is in Him, and in you, and you can do all the work they did and even more higher than acestea.Daca one to stay in a positive state if you will be optimistic, you will do great things. 
Must our intelligence (son) thought for the memory issue (the Holy Spirit) to carry out the just, sooner or later. 
"I do not think my mind (super-conscious mind divine kingdom perfect ideas) is the same Father and the Father is in you?" 
Do not you think I am in the Father and the Father is in me? The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father - who remains in me - do His work. "[John 14-10]. Translation: Only the conscious thinking and 
living in a high frequency, like me, you manage to get into the kingdom Cerurilor.De thought forms they emit depends our happiness and joy to trai.Divinitatea is in us! Recognize this, this eternal truth and be masters your life !!! "Ask and you shall receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will open." (Matthew 7: 7) .Energia vibrates with certain frequencies, Hatred has low frequencies, frequent inalte.Cine Hate Love lives in Hell (low frequency condition) and who loves living in heaven (high frequency condition) .Iisus could not explain those people words like frequency, energy, memorie.Iisus lived in a very high frequency, have a positive thinking, living in harmony with Universul.Constiinta creates reality. "He who believes in Me: rivers of living water will flow from his belly . "(John 7-38) energy flows when you are in a state pozitiva.Energia exactly flowing like rivers, flowing energy is infinita.Iisus mastered by El.ACESTA iS sECRET LIFE OF THE bODY. 
Fear itself, fear, envy, hatred consume a lot of energy in the body, and this is gradually emaciated and sick imbolnaveste.Vezi case of N.Testament who are healed by Jesus by donating an amount of energie.Dupa As is known, the disease occurs when the body does not have enough energy, and Jesus had too much energy because his mental wisdom, knew to extract energy from Univers.Toti sick who touched his garment, is healed. 
It can enter the Kingdom of Heaven is necessary that our ideas and thoughts to be clean, pure and innocent. 
Let us remember the words of Jesus: "Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it." (Luke 18-17) 
The soul of a child does not know how to hate, but knows how to forgive, not afraid to cry, and can laugh with all INIMA.Nu ashamed of his mistakes, because it is too PUR know rusinea.Se enjoy every moment, and accept the past as a fost.VISEAZA much and loves even more mult.Nu worry that the world ditch some who do not want it, no never sad because his joy is light lumii.BLAND presence and strong deterrent interior. 
Many will not recognize the wisdom of Jesus Christ, which is found in almost all lines of new phrases Testament.Din SANTA therefore ought to come up with the necessary arguments ... 
Disability were able to go 
Dr. Phineas Quimby Parkchurst, of which I have spoken, has used absolute activity in recent years. In reality, he was the father of psychosomatic medicine and the first psychoanalyst of contemporary society. It also had the power to diagnose diseases by clairvoyance. 
This is still a brief account of the healing of an infirm, story in "Quimby's Manuscripts." Once the doctor was called to the bedside of an infirm old bedridden. After examining it, he said the disease was because she was a prisoner of religious beliefs so limited and narrow, that is not allowed to even get out of bed. Old lived, in fact, in a pit of ignorance and mistrust; Moreover, she understands the Bible literally, being terrified by what he read there. As Quimby said: "In the pit she perceived God's presence as the immense power that struck the chains, tamed lions and resurrect the dead." But as she demanded explanations for each passage of the Bible, the answer that I received was resemble a rock, and she starved, deprived of the bread of life. Dr. Quimby concluded that women live in a state of confusion and haze, which was due to her inability to perceive the real meaning of passages from the Bible. This is manifested by a feeling of heaviness and numbness that gradually led to her paralysis. Quimby asked her what sense are the following verses: "A little more time with you and I go to him that sent me. You will seek me and not find me and where I am, ye can not come "(John 7: 33, 34). She replied that it meant that Jesus will ascend to heaven. Quimby explained the true meaning of the passage: being with her for a while meant that he, Quimby, exposing his true symptoms and their causes; So currently, it shows compassion for her. But he could not remain long in this state of consciousness, because I had to turn to the One who sent him, that for infinite creative force that dwells in each of us. Immediately, he began to contemplate in an idealized form, acknowledge the vitality, intelligence, harmony and divine power lying dormant in her being. Then he explained: "Where I shall go, you will not be able to come because of faith and limited mentality, restrictive and because I'm healthy and can go wherever they want." 
   Prayer and explanations doctor produced an instant transformation into being a woman. Immediately, she got up from the bed and began to walk without the use cîrjele. Quimby said then that it was the great success of it. Old was already dead by the way they wrong to think, but he managed to wake the dead and bring it to life and true faith. The doctor even compare this healing revival Christ, Christ in her being. His words full of wisdom, which she managed to perceive meaning, symbolizing the angel just removed slab unbelief, ignorance and superstition of the tomb, releasing the curative power of the Divine. 
TECHNICAL Thanksgiving 
In the Bible, St. Paul ~ Ntuli advises us to praise and glorify God always, thanking him for his kindness forever. This simple method of prayer was always followed by miracles. Grateful heart is closer to the creative forces of the universe and the law of action and reaction, they attract many proofs of kindness. For example, a father promised his son that if he his baccalaureate, he will give a car. Young, though not yet received the car, it was still very grateful and happy, as if already have, because he knew that his father would keep his promise. Here, for example, how Mr. Broke excellent results obtained using this technique. He said: "Receipts are all gather, are unemployed, have three children and no money. What to do? ". For three weeks, morning and evening, he repeated these words: "Thank you, Father, for my wealth" after previously obtained a calm and inner peace. Usually ends his session when he felt truly dominated by a sense of gratitude. Lord knew that address Broke endless wisdom that dwelt in him, that he could not see her eyes accustomed, but which to perceive. He was also aware that his thoughts were, really, because gaps in that struggle. Repeat the words: "Thank you, Dad" so many times, being a student to gradually come to accept the situation until it was in. How often remembered by poverty and its shortcomings, say "Thank you, Dad" until you exit any black thoughts. Understood that this new attitude of gratitude will lead to a profound transformation of the mode of thinking, so the idea of ​​wealth and luck that will replace poverty. What was and happened. 
The results of his prayer were among the most interesting. One day, he met on the street with an employer that is not seen him for twenty years. It gave a very great job, even giving him an advance of $ 500. Today, Mr. Broke is vice president of that company and recently said, "I will never forget what miracles they performed these simple words: << Thank you, Dad! >>".
What is your opinion?
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I can't prove you that God exists the same way you can't prove me that He doesn't exist.Also about science...Science only explains how this universe has been developed NOT how it is created.

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For me the god is the universe (the nature here on earth) himself that needs to be discovered.
As for religion, it's a tool made by man to control the man. We can and should be better persons without the fear or a imaginary creator. It's all about the common sense.
Also, Einstein was agnostic.
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I can't prove you that God exists the same way you can't prove me that He doesn't exist.Also about science...Science only explains how this universe has been developed NOT how it is created.


The problem with that is I don't have to prove anything to you. You're the one claiming that this fairy tale is true therefore you have to prove it. Nobody is expected to prove things that aren't true.




Let's go deeper into this lame theory people have of religion.. I will only be using Christianity as an example but all of the religions are equally incorrect and stupid..



- Just because something is ancient doesn't validate it. Alot of what's in the Bible is misinterpreted because of the variance in language compared to the current day and the "rumors" that get passed down through each generation from people who interpreted it a certain way.


- The stories just make no sense at all. Why should we believe that some guy walked on water and did other crazy things, if nobody else can do such things? How is it possible that all those animals fit (or survived) on that ark? Who fed them? Where did they urinate and defecate? Why do you believe that someone was able to do this among a bunch of other "normal" people? Why do you really believe that one man had these special abilities? Look at our current world, who has such abilities? Nobody. If I told you that someone did this you wouldn't believe it, would you? If I told you that I believed this nonsense and that Jesus is here and he walked on water again, why would you believe that? How can you have such double standards?


- Why do religious people make these outrageous claims that they are "loved" by this mythical figure that hasn't been proven to exist? Why do they do this despite the fact that the entire Bible is basically a story book of impossible things happening and blackmailing people into believing this nonsense? To put it directly, the Bible says "do this, or you're screwed". So it's inducing fear in people with low brain power who can't process logical thought so that they turn to this book to guide their life instead of using their brain. They are fooled into thinking that if they don't do what this book says, they will be tortured endlessly when they die. Oh yeah, this definitely sounds like a friendly guy who loves everyone. "Do what I tell you, or I'll burn you in hell forever". Real nice guy, isn't he?


- The massive amounts of contradictions in the Bible. Let's just talk about one for example: Adam and Eve. They are descendants of God, but God said that incest is wrong. The Bible says that we are descendants of Adam and Eve (aka Children of God). This means that whoever we have sex with we are practicing incest with. When you logically interpret the Bible you can see all these contradictions and flaws.


- Why don't people believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy but they do believe in Jesus and God and all that? They are just as equally insane of stories but for some reason people choose to believe in Christianity but not those other figures? If anything, Santa Claus is a nicer guy who loves people than Jesus. As the story is told, Santa Claus makes a list of who is being good or bad and gives the good kids presents. I don't hear any tales of Santa Claus impaling little kids on spikes if they are bad that year. The Tooth Fairy story is that a kid leaves his tooth that fell out under his pillow and the Fairy comes by and leaves money under the pillow for you. If you don't lose your tooth or leave the tooth under the pillow, does the Fairy sneak into your room at night and give you cavities? NO. So why don't people believe in the Tooth Fairy? He seems like a much nicer guy than this scumbag Jesus.


- Why do people think that he made some massive sacrifice? The story goes that he died on the cross then came back to life to rule over all mankind for eternity. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, not a bad trade-off. Who cares if you die if you're going to just come back to life and tell everyone what to do, including blackmailing people into following you and believing in you so they don't have to suffer.


- People like to "devote themselves" to Jesus or whoever. What do you get from this? Nothing. You get promises that never get fulfilled. For several years now people have been claiming all these things about famine and world coming to an end and all this garbage. It never happens, ever. Every time in history they've been WRONG about this. Why do they still believe this stuff? However, if I devote myself to being a successful businessman, what would I get? MONEY, SUCCESS, possibly more.


- Nobody really has a true desire for Christianity, that's why they have to sell it by scaring people into worshipping some old stories. They have to try so hard to scare people into it. People like food because they're hungry, people like the other sex because it's also natural. Nobody REALLY likes religion/Jesus. They are just scared of death and unwilling or unable to logically process thoughts.


- Why is it that when a baby is saved by doctors and medicine after birth, religious people thank their Lord; but when a baby is left in a dumpster they don't blame him? People claim that our entire lives our planned out by this amazing creator and that everything that happens is "his will" but they only associate him with the positive things that happen in our lives. Why don't they associate him with everything else? Murder? Rape? Theft? When will the negative things be taking into consideration too and blamed on their mythical creator?


- Why is it that when people are in a hospital bed with family praying they live the only time the religious family will thank who they follow is when that person lives? Why is it that if the person dies in the hospital they still pray and thank? That makes no sense. That's a double standard. You can't have it both ways, people. Stop giving all the credit for positive life events to Jesus and not the negative ones, while claiming that he plans it all.



My experience? How do you know I'm someone who knows a thing about this or not? I went to a private middle school (Christian) and learned about all this stuff, I have loads of friends who are Christian and Catholic (growing up in predominately Mexican area in LA), and have been with a few girls who are also this way. Eventually I also did some research on some things and have came to the conclusion that the entire religion thing is a bunch of garbage, and I can't believe that there are so many people in the world with such low brain power to not understand how much bs religion really is. Why is it that people can blindly follow these stories written by humans about some supposed allpowerful being? Where is the logic in these people?


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