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Windows 10 operating system announced a universal


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Microsoft announced this evening at an event held in San Francisco, Windows 10 Yes, you read correctly, the Windows operating system version 9 skips straight to the tenth and is exactly what was Satya Nadella described over the summer: a universal software that can run on a wide sea of devices, from mobile phones to tablets, PCs and Xbox consoles. 
Windows 10 will provide a single application store available on these devices and software purchased will run natively on all. Microsoft promises compatibility with devices that have screens from 4-80 inches and suggested that Azure cloud service will still run on a version of Windows 10 Apparently interface will be automatically adjusted according to the type of device.windows-10-640.jpg?width=640&height=360
The first target of the new operating system is the enterprise segment. Microsoft has invested a lot of time to make Windows 10 compatible systems and applications being used today, ensuring a smoother transition from old versions of Windows. It seems that one of the company was to separate the consumer business segment, providing dedicated functionality for each type of client. Customers who use Windows 10 in Business will have access to an application store different customized as needed. 
Start menu came back. As expected, when you press the Windows logo appears a menu on the left side of the screen, which offers a combination of functionality in Windows 7 and 8 on the left side of the menu are shortcuts to applications, folders and menus favorite, and on the right we find an interface very similar to Modern UI. There are applications that have LiveTiles that can operate like some widgets when not turned on. The company acknowledged that wants to attract such public who prefer the interface of Windows 7, but also to improve the user experience. Universal search function has not disappeared, but now can also provide web results provided by Bing.
Store applications are now called "universal" and not running exclusively in fullscreen, like Windows 8 They are on the window, and their size can be changed. For easier handling multiple windows, Windows 10 A present in Windows 7: Snap View. It seems that all these changes from the previous version of the operating system have been designed to encourage the use of a mouse and a keyboard. 
And Speaking of multitasking, Microsoft has integrated a new feature in Windows 10: Task View. This is the new taskbar button, which once pressed the screen displays all opened applications and provides quick access to any of them. Also, Windows 10 has many virtual desktops. Task view appears to be very similar to Mission Control in Mac OS X. Microsoft's vision it with Snap Assist (the ability to "like" an app to the side of the screen) will improve the experience for users who work with multiple applications simultaneously . As a small bonus for true power users, the new Command Prompt, which looks almost identical to the old, now offers the ability to paste text using the old Ctrl + V.
Charms menu in Windows 8 has not disappeared and is still present for those who have devices with touch screens. Advanced features will be accessible through gestures. A slide from left to right will bring to the fore a Task View button bigger, finger-friendly use. The function "continuum" will adjust the operating system interface according to the selected control method. When you click the Start with finger extended Start menu appears very different than what you offer Windows 8 Modern UI.
Starting tomorrow, October 1st, Microsoft will offer to download a technical preview version, for laptops and desktop PCs in the Windows Insider. It is intended for advanced users, however, willing to provide feedback and not scared of errors, bugs or other problems that may arise. The company wants to create a product that will please everyone and will consider the suggestions and criticisms of those who will test. 
Tonight's event was dedicated to the first notice Windows 10, but was clearly oriented enterprise market segment. Microsoft has promised a new Conference to be held in the event of Build 2015, which will present the option for consumers with a broader discussion about universal applications. It seems that the launch of Windows 10 is ready sometime towards the end of 2015 and were not offered details about price or about upgrade programs.



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