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$host = 'localhost';
$user = 'root';
$pass = '';
$db = 'game';
$connect = @mysql_connect($host, $user, $pass) or die('socket error');
@mysql_select_db($db, $connect) or die('socket error - no db');
@mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8-polish-ci'");
$user = @mysql_fetch_array(@mysql_query("select * from user where id = '".$_SESSION['user']."' limit 1")) or die('socket error - no table');
i got errors socket error - no table
i have this table what is wrong?
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Replace or die('socket error - no table'); with

or die(mysql_error());


and paste the error here

i have problem here i want create login and haslo this ius code

<?php require_once('game/config/config.php'); ?>

$db_user = @mysql_num_rows(@mysql_query("select * from user"));
$code = @mysql_query("select * from user order by id asc");
$db_user_dane = @mysql_fetch_array(@mysql_query("select * from user where id = '".$_POST['user']."','".$_POST['login']."' and haslo = '".$_POST['haslo']."' limit 1"));
$_SESSION['user'] = $_POST['user'];
header('Location: game.php');
} else {
echo "<span style='color: red; font-weight: bold;'>Bledny Login</span><hr>";
} else {
echo "<span style='color: red; font-weight: bold;'>Bledne Haslo</span><hr>";


<form action='logowanie.php' method='post'>
<select name="user">
while($wczytuje = @mysql_fetch_array($code)){
echo "<option value='".$wczytuje['id']."'>".$wczytuje['nazwa']."(".$wczytuje['poziom'].")</option>";
<input type='text' name='login' style='width: 100px;'><br>
<input type='password' name='haslo' style='width: 100px;'><br>
<input type='submit' value='Zaloguj'><br>

when i paste wrong password message is wrong login when i paste wrong login i have wrong login and when i paste 123 password this is password and login and not work i see message wrong login

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