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Proto Sequencer Tool

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I don't know if developed a tool like this, before by anotherone.
I wrote it for myself and I am sharing it to help you too.


What is it?

  • Sort the contents of proto files from smallest to largest based on numbers

How to use?

  • Simple to use, just put the file to be sorted in the same directory as the tool and run the tool. Easy to use.
  • If undecodable characters are encountered (aka if not in EUC_KR charmap), you will fail.
  • If you agree to ignore this, you can use 'force_sort_proto.exe' or 'force_sort_proto.py' to force sort the file.
  • Effects: Functionally you should not encounter any problems. However, it may lose its meaning in 'human language'
  • .exe? For those who don't have the Python Interpreter, for quick use.


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