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Hei Com i need help...


1. I search for the Item 70039. I want change the chance..to 100%


2. when i kill a mob i get 1 rankpoint but i want 5 rankpoints...


3. I will add the Golden Smith with 100%...


4. How can i compile the clientsource..( which command in freebsd and which index -> cd /...)



I hope you can help me and sry for my bad english :D

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My up neighboor is the truth rofl.


For client, you have to use vs2008, there's a tutorial here.


For golden smith, you have to modify some folders...


Rankpoints is maybe in one quest. (or rank like Cruel etc, search in source ^^)


For 70039, I do not any idea, and i'm to lazy to search this night, tomorrow I'll search.

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