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The administrator who will support me in managing the community has been recruited and will begin his new role in the coming days. He will introduce himself and inaugurate his new role as new administrator with a presentation!

Since the announcement of my withdrawal from the front-end management of the community, I have received several applications but also proposals for full buyout. Throughout the recruitment process, candidates were free to ask me all the useful questions necessary to apply and they also had to answer the following questions:

  • How do you see the role of administrator?
  • Do you have short and long term plans?

My choice was based on the member's interest in the position of administrator as well as my expectations of the latter. The candidates' responses to the questions asked also allowed me to decide between the applications. Indeed, through their responses, I was able to determine and see the vision of each member on the future of the community. 

Thank you for your applications and your dedication to continuing the prosperity of the international community in the development of Metin2.


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