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Creating auxiliary tools for players, not cheating

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Hello everyone, developers. I need to develop a source code based auxiliary software for my players, which can help them better complete the game experience. Its role should be reflected in the following aspects

1.auto attk (monsters or stone) (Based on the player's own attack speed)

2.auto pot (HP MP item ID 70020)

3.range hunt  (activity within a certain range)

4.attack monsters without action  (Based on the player's own attack speed)

5.auto donate experience to the guild

6.Pickup filter(Customizable)

7.auto resurrection

8.auto login (When the network appears)

9.auto horseback riding

10.Focus: Return to the center when leaving the hunting area

11.start and stop button (Used to start/stop this auxiliary tool)

12.auto  skill

13.Circular shouting

14.Rotating the camera (to avoid black screen issues)

15.Sell all items

16 auto use item

17.Range luring monster(Range and quantity can be set)


This project should be consistent with the Metin2 style to make it look more formal。

My source code comes from Marty。

If you are interested, please contact me 。


I will pay a salary of no less than € 200


discord: fei.sun

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