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Revelion2 - New private server 50%PvM 50% PvP

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💢The awakening of the rebels
💢Official style based server.
💢The server has the officer's missions so that you are always entertained, it also has very good rewards and other very special ones.
💢We have prepared the most impressive Halloween event you will ever see. The final boss of the dungeon is very difficult. ¿Can you against him?
💢The development team has changed some systems to make the game more realistic and enjoyable. For example, clams now hatch on beaches and you have to pick them up by hand.
💢Designs such as maps, mounts, glows, effects, etc. they are modernized to give a new touch to the environment and see more nature.
💢For the fights between characters we are very reserved with the bonuses, so you will not see exaggerated damage or unfair duels.
💢We have designed an NPC for you to increase your bonuses (in a controlled way) to your team when you finish the Halloween dungeon.
💢We modified the budokan, now there is the mode by race and skill group.
💢The server for the moment will be Spanish "Coming soon there will be more languages available"

⚡¡And much more!⚡

💥Important data:💥
🛑There is no lycan
🛑There is no alchemy
🛑There is no champion system

💥Admin note:  I invite you to join Revelion2. I have put all my knowledge, effort and time into this server to give you the best gaming experience. We will also improve it every day. Just give it a try and I know you'll stay.

⚡Web page: https://revelion2.to/
⚡Discord: https://discord.gg/p9MeypCbFP
⚡Opening date: October 21, 2022
⚡Presentation video:


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