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how to get banned on Metin SG for asking questions


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hi all

i thought i would pass on that if you ask a question on METIN2 SG and they dont like the fact you understand how something works you will get banned

as i asked why players were thrown/disc all the time and let them know that i have been monitoring the network protocol feed and that i had noticed that it the disc was coming from them as the error thing they have didnt show anything (useless)

then they tried to say it is the user problem and talking about the "ping" rate and when i asked about about that i was told something about Mickey Mouse?????

there was something about freebsd which we all know anyway


after i answered that strange comment with some like that it was quite obvious that they no nothing about network protocols and how they work and instead of let me give them my idea (as been doing that since the DOS day when you had to do it right) i have been banned from there Discord and Server for asking a typical protocol question


so it is quite clear to me that the only interest they have is to think they are the only ones who know how this game works as i dont not think i know how everything works (as alot smarter than me ) but what i asked was a pretty basic question





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