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Warrior mental skills deal no dmg sometimes



As the title says,in my P server from time to time i get a no registered dmg on skills even if my targent is in the range of the skill.

Here s an example about my problem,if you watch the video carefully at second 0:48 im using my Spirit Strike but i do no damage even if my target is in skill range,any ideas about my problem?


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Every server has this.. it's a game from 2004. ofc it will have bugs.


do this: 


And also do this:


(battle.cpp) Search for:

    if (!victim->IsBuilding())
        int max = 300;
        if (false == ch->IsPC())
            max = (int) (ch->GetMobAttackRange() * 1.15f);
            if (false == victim->IsPC() && BATTLE_TYPE_MELEE == victim->GetMobBattleType())
                max = MAX(300, (int) (victim->GetMobAttackRange() * 1.15f));

        if (distance > max)
            if (test_server)
                sys_log(0, "VICTIM_FAR: %s distance: %d max: %d", ch->GetName(), distance, max);

            return BATTLE_NONE;


And replace the 300 with 350/375


Search for:


bool battle_distance_valid_by_xy(long x, long y, long tx, long ty)
    long distance = DISTANCE_APPROX(x - tx, y - ty);

    if (distance > 170)
        return false;

    return true;

Replace the 170 with 350/375


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