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port the server sources to linux


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not sure if this is the right section, if not, please move it to the correct section.

I'm looking for someone who is able to port the server sources to Linux (any), and I offer at least 400€ for it.

I can pay you anonymously via Bitcoins/Crypto, or other preferred payment methods. I can also send you some amount in front, if you are trusted, just to show that I am serious with this task.


Contact me please, if you can make a offer.

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I'm not sure if anyone will do it for 200. People asks 300+ for a multilang system and 500+ for an improved source PER PEOPLE. That is totally right, I just wanted to put your one time 200 offer into a context.

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I can give you a few hints :

- Prepare your linux environment (or Debian) like you would for FreeBSD (find equivalence but usually everything is maintained)

- Check what need to be changed on the spot.

- Change BSD exclusive functions to their Linux equivalent, wherever you find a WIN32 define you most likely have to dig around these.

If you have any crashes, you will need to debug these and the result output should be eloquent enough to give you hints.

coming soon

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I already tried it, also using kqueue for Linux. I was able to compile and start the server on Ubuntu, everything was fine. But it was not possible to connect (login) and debugging it for days did not help, just looked like a undefined error. It seemed that some other code is related and needs to be changed too, but not sure which.

I would also of course offer a higher amount, depending on the offer from your side.

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