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Windows Standard Files?



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Hey guys,

as you know Vanilla has her excellent project "Vanilla Core". But for me there's one thing missing. A core for Windows. You can test much better (e.g. you see what the Core is doing and you see all the errors). You don't have to use Filezilla or WinScp for Quests and so on.

So as I'm bored some times i wanted to ask you if you would need Windows standard files?

Would you want it to have extensions like 6 inventorys optional?

And don't expect that core to be as good as the Vanilla one. I think she has much more knowledge than me :D

Greets Inya

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i woul'd prefer windowsfiles if the shortcuts from the cores to the share folder where working ...

They are working.. you just need to know how to create them.

mklink /D link_path folder_path

mklink link_path file

when you return 0 and server doesn't boot:


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i woul'd prefer windowsfiles if the shortcuts from the cores to the share folder where working ...


Simply use my Manager for it.

It creates the Whole Folder structure for you ^^




It was written to have kind of "Instant Files" with no need of install anything (even an portable mysql server is with it).


But i do not publish compiled Games etc, so that´s why i released the tool without the Share folder and game + db.

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