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Empire War Rework + Automation


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Empire War Rework + Automation

I find the original forked_road strange and a mess so I made my own version.
It is written in lua-only, even the automation. I wanted to keep things simple.

Quest available in English and Hungarian language.

For the map, I used metin2_map_sungzi_milgyo.
It should be there in every client but I made some modification in it
(ex. no-pvp zones at spawn) so I attached it for you.

You can set:

  • Minimum level to join
  • Maximum attender / empire
  • Required kill (point) to win
  • Enable-Disable looser reward

How to automate?
If you want to automate the Empire War then install events_automation.quest too.
The Empire War will run every Friday 20:00. (You can change it in the quest).

What is looser reward?
The looser empires can stay in the end for the reward (enabled in automation).
If someone kill other player, first there is a warning, second kill he will get ported out.
I advice to keep looser reward on, then everyone will be encouraged to participate.

What is the reward?
By default it will load a regen (provided).
It have tanakas, golden frogs and fire goblets.
Feel free to edit or change it.

Have fun,


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On 10/25/2021 at 2:56 PM, SCOOB said:

@ TMP4there's a single bug I found. When you leave the looser reward and you kill one player it automatically teleports the killer in map1. It doesn't give the warning first.

A tried to reproduce it but I think that only happens if he got a warning already in a prevoius empire war.

You can do something like this to prevent that:

		when login with pc.get_map_index() != event_war.war_settings().war_map_index begin
			if pc.getqf("not_allowed_kill") > 0 then
				pc.setqf("not_allowed_kill", 0)
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7 hours ago, Hulk said:

Nu imi merge mapa, nu cumva imi trebuie si texture set?

The map is there in every client, so it's works by default unless you or your client's author removed it. 

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