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Zycloniusmt2 re-vamped totally free server


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hello all your Granpa123 back again

now if i was going to put what i used to run many years ago a totally free server i wonder if anyone would be interested the one i have done and running now

as it has the latest server files with a lot of the newer stuff added and add some the older maps items etc too

Instead of a item mall it has a item mall map where you can buy things with the money you make playing game

This is not a easy game as it is just a game where you have to earn what you want so better i think as not given to you

he has added over 50 maps approx and even some of the latest items,weapons and sundries for you to find as your level increases

he has also made a small but interesting maze map (Map of Mandrakas) for level 10 and above

the item mall map is accessible from level 5

But remember seeing it is totally free it is place in a area that may cause a few problems from time to time but remember it is totally free to play

so there will be problems as seeing i do both the server and client files as i may have missed something or mad a mistake seeing i am a over 50s


You may ask why has he done this as he just can as he does the server and client plus he enjoys the game (playing it since 2008)

Don't forget to read the Rules



owner [SA] Bob


here is a picture or 2 of what i have done







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