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2Evo is looking for YOU


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We, the 2Evo Team, looking for new ALPHA-tester.

The Server is based on Old-Rates with Middle-Systems.
Highlights are:

  • selfmade MiniMe system
  • OffShop with Item-Trade system (e.g. 1xfullmoonsword+4 for 100 white pearls,...)
  • Transmutation
  • Full german and englisch translation (client, quest and server messages)
  • own horse system with selfmade mount-skin system

At the moment we just allowed Map1, Map2 and Orcvalley. So you can concentrate on testing drop and uprates.
Also look at yang/ exprates.
We want to check all the systems for bugs.

If you find huge bugs like core downer, you will get a gift 😃

All Tester will get some coins on beta.


Thank you 😃

Website: www.2evo.ga



Here are some images and gifs:








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252051BlueInfo.pngNow the temple and the easy monkey dungeon is open.



On 10/31/2021, 2Evo will officially launch.🥳

We already have many updates and content expansions planned to follow.

That means for you, that you have to give everything now, so that we can start as bugfree as possible.

P.S. The Alpha reward in the form of coins will only be given to players with a certain playtime and level.
Except for long-term testers like VitaFit, Hulluks GamingLauch, ... who have already done a lot for us and for example secured exclusive and permanent costumes/mounts. Of course you will also get coins.






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      Press F10 to close the client immediately

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      Where are those maps/dungeons coming from?

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      Where are those maps/dungeons coming from?

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